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Playing a Name Game with the Redskins

beowulfe Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 2:40 PM
The very same pasty white progressives that are telling Native Americans they're supposed to be offended by a team name chosen to honor the bravery and strength of Native American have no problem whatsoever with honoring the most notorious mass murderer of Native Americans by placing his portrait on the $20 bill. That right there tells you all you need to know about this fake scandal and the phony outrage by pasty white progressives.
Never in human history has the government ever done anything more cheaply or efficiently than the private market. Never. Not even ONE time EVER.
All in a days work for the Islamic militant waging his coup in the White House.
You don't need a gun for protection. That's what the police are for. Oh, wait, never mind.
I don't know what's a scarier prospect. That the IRS is lying and they are covering up a massive scandal. Or that they are telling the truth and the federal government's storage infrastructure is so fragile that a single laptop crashing could possibly cause irreparable damage to the infrastructure. If the later is true, just imagine our daughter going in to have her appendix removed and coming out a quadruple amputee because some jackhole over at DHS pressed the "escape" key at the wrong time while playing Minecraft and screwed up your daughters medical records.
In case anyone was wondering, it was his role in the 9/11 attack that prompted Barack HUSSEIN Obama to release him and hand him $5 million. The next 9/11 is already on it's way, and the key architect is HUSSEIN himself!
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Obama And The CBO - No Longer 'Giddy'

beowulfe Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 11:28 AM
No intelligent economist EVER takes seriously the projections of the Congressional Budget Office. The reason is simple: the CBO's record of predicting budget deficits and surpluses is absolutely AWFUL! The CBO, for example, underestimated the cost of Medicare by a whopping **1100%**! My favorite CBO f**kup was when they tried to score the impact of the 1997 capital gains tax cut. In 1997, they predicted by the year 2000 (only 3 short years away...not a 30-year prediction like their Medicare debacle was) reduced revenues from the capital gains tax cut would result in a $200 billion deficit. Not only did revenues from the capital gains tax SKYROCKET to their highest levels in history following the cut, we saw a $200 billion *SURPLUS* that year. 2000 was also the year a mathematician writing for either the WSJ or Washington Post mathematically demonstrated that a random number generator was a better predictor of deficits and surpluses than the CBO. The CBO IS NOT chartered with accurately predicting deficits and surpluses. The job of the CBO is to make every budget increase look as good as possible while making every tax cut as bad as possible. That is the reason why their predictions *NEVER* have any bearing on reality.
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Bowe Bergdahl, Just Deserts

beowulfe Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 10:02 AM
14 soldiers died as a result of this traitor's actions, and Obama just spat on their graves by releasing 5 terrorist and handing them a $5 million payday (funny, no one's talking about that part) to fund the planning of the next 9/11.
Impeach, remove from office, try for treason, hang from the neck until dead. That is JUSTICE.
If the EVIL that has been the Obama presidency were explained by mere incompetence, he'd have blundered into a policy that might benefit this nation through sheer luck by now. That EVERY SINGLE THING Obama has said and done has been DISASTROUS for this nation is PROOF that it isn't incompetence. It is his EVIL intention. He OPENLY ADMITTED his desire to wipe this nation from the face of the Earth when he said he sought "fundamental change". And his evil plan is working. God help us all.
This just goes to show just how EVIL Harry Reid is. He is GLAD that these terrorists are free to murder more Americans. Let's just hope this a-hole is among the next targets!
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