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There's the old story about Joe Pulitzer back in the late1890s----he sent a reporter and photographer to Cuba saying, "You provide the pictures, I'll provide the war" o nothing much has changed.
I'm surprised that he hasn't blamed the gods---but, maybe it's because he fancies himself to be a god? That would be blaming himself. Can't have that, can we?
Tll us please, if Jesse Ventura is a Democrat. If so, everything is explained. Since Democrats have no shame or common decency Jesse's continuing the lawsuit after Chris Kyle's death is perfectly normal behavior. I can say one thing for sure: No SEAL, Ranger, Special Forces men will ever speak a single word to Ventura ever again. When he finally dies, none of them will attend the funeral---except to spit on his coffin. He has now earned a total contempt.
While at madrassa in Indoesia, Obama scored straight 'As' in Taqqiya. This lies behind all the lies and spin. No, taqqiy is supposed to be alloable to further the Islamic ause. ince Obam thinks he is Allah, he is furthering his own cause.
He could give them Ebola. They'd just love that, being into death the way they are.
This is also the man that promised to still the raging of the seas. yet, the seas are mighty, and rage horribly. In the East, there has been strife since Jacob and Esau, since Isaac and Ishmael, since Sarah and Hagar. Obama, Clinton, Kerry---they think they are going to end that?
Obama thinks he is a Divine Right monarch. He thinks that Congress should defer to his slightest whim. When they resist by insisting upon constitutional process, he whips out his pen and his 'phone. Kings have lost their heads for this attitude.
One point not raised here is often forgotten. Each and every day, pray for your spouse. If man and wife heartfully pray for each other, an additional bond is created and maintained. This bond should be the foundation, the spiritual ground of a marriage. After all, the couple shares in the work of creation by bringing forth children.
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Why Exposes of the Clintons Fail

BentonHMarder Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 7:34 AM
If we get Hillary as President, it will be because we deserve her, just as we deserve Obama. "We have met the enemy, and it is us." We keep on voting for these malicious beasts with or without bothering to vet them. Quem Iuppiter perdere vult, prius dementat.
Here's another note on the Klan. When the KKK held their great parades between the wars, they flew the Stars & Stripes, not the Southern Cross. They were Americans, not Confederates. Between the wars, Maine was well known for its large Klan membership. The Klavern was on Forest Avenue at Portland then. The site is still pointed out.
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