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Beyond insane. i can't believe this is happening in Texas of all places. I would pull my kids out of the school. But that's what the leftists want. Just unbelievable.
Doesn't sound private. A private lane would have no gov't enforcers.
The US was fairly libertarian before Lincoln.
@Rich, no offense but you should have kept up with the times and saved for your own retirement. But the solution is to phase out SS over time, raise retirement, means test payments, halt new enrollees and start private accounts that we can keep as ours, claim in retirement at our choice, and pass to our families without gov't in the way. Good luck 2 you.
AMEN!!!! Social Security is a way to divert money from poor young black men to rich old white women.
But I get that you weren't advocating that either. :)
Gov'ts do not *have* an "exclusive right to dominate, exploit, and terrorize their citizens". They lead us to tyranny by spinning "benefits" granted to us by gov't when they have no such power either. Then they breed ignorance and dependency to enslave, dominate, exploit, and terrorize us. But they have no right to that.
They were chosen because the lawyers chose the jurors. The defense doesn't want jurors that know anything. They want morons. So you get a show like the one juror coming dressed in a Star Fleet uniform. Clearly not taking the responsibility seriously. And that was allowed? And again allowed at a Whitewater trial? WTH? The judge should have charged both jurors with contempt of court.
The problem is the courts let the gov't do all this. They should have overturned ObamaCare as "not the job of gov't". Same with most things the gov't does. The Judicial Branch is supposed to be the check & balance on the other branches. Instead they've become the rubber stamp.
I'm curious, who controls the Kansas Legislature and the spending? I have no idea.
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