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And BHO's claim of "If Congress will not act..." Just because it doesn't pass doesn't mean they didn't act. They acted and said "No"! He's a little spoiled brat who (like most Democrats) never had his momma (or grandma) tell him "No!" like they should have.
By law, they (Democrats) require gerrymandered districts in southern states so that minority African Americans get elected to a certain number of seats. Explaining SJL in Houston as Scrap Iron pointed out. The problem there is, Hispanics could demand equal representation and minimize African American representation. Districts should be allocated based on head counts along, ignoring the racial aspect of voters. But Democrats are incapable of seeing anything but skin color.
She's an idiot.
You're idiotic complaint is that 8 conferences are remotely equivalent. They're not. The SEC West is dominant because their teams are dominant. All the 8-team playoff fans are putting players at risk to decide a championship team. If this system or yours ends up with 2-SEC teams playing in the final 2 or 3 years in a row, then you'll all cry for a 16-team playoff. ETC. And kids will have their future potential life-changing NFL careers jeapordized. All for a stupid championship. Pathetic.
That loud crack everyone just heard was TLG62's grand slam home run. :)
When p0t is legalized it will become regulated as to content so much and will be taxed so much that the gov't will re-create the black market and we will still have the drug dealers, gangs and cartels.
The govt will never outlaw tobacco. The govt makes taxes from tobacco sales. The govt tries to balance the taxes to keep people using and not create a black market that would compete with their tax revenue. NY has begun to tax too much and is creating that black market.
If Hamas is going to arm donkey's with bombs, then Israel should hire non-Jews to build pig bombs and release them to run through Gaza.
Line up IDF along the eastern border of Gaza to make a wall. Send the rest from the north to drive every one of them into Egypt (where many are from). Then drive bulldozers to push the remaining empty Gaza Strip into the Med. Annex Gaza into Israel and open for new settlement by Israeli's only.
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Thoughts on Ferguson, Missouri

Ben Linus Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 10:46 AM
David Duke suggested segregating the US. But his idiocy was moving blacks to Florida and Cubans somewhere else. Racists aren't smart.
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