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As bad and as true as those words are, I get a great buzz watching the words of God come to fruition. Whatr a time to be living in! I don't know about you but it causes me to embrace the faith more--afterall what else is there?
Intentionally or unintentionally, your assessment of their collective actions is correct. The killing of our great republic has been a long time in the making and we are now reaping the fruits of the endeavor. But it all started when "we the people" forgot our God and put faith in our own strength and wisdom.
"I believe we are a nation under judgment and that Barack Obama is part of that judgment." Me too! Seeing how quick government institutions were to implement anti-Christian policies, seeing the poll numbers of the faithful droping, and knowing that God is in control despite what some think, Barack Obama is President, for good or ill (and somehow I don't think it is for good, at least not in the short-term), and we as Christians must keep our faith in HIS purposes.
Excellent article! I especially liked the part where you stated:“ …ever-larger shares of whom are ignorant of the faith, culture and civilization whence we came.” If the nation were to fall (God Forbid!) there would be almost nothing to unite us in the chaos that would follow. Of course, the folks who will suffer most are those identity groups who used political manipulation rather than moral authority to gain their desires in society.
Excellent article! And to humbly admit to your feelings at (what you thought to be) the moment of truth. Your point number three is so true in my own case. There are times that I am ready for the Lord Jesus to call me home and then there are other times when I think to myself there is so much I still want to do. For us Christians, it is important to remember where our home is and to remember that our inheritance makes us considerably rich, regardless of our current circumstances in this world. We must keep the faith in the Lord’s word.
The poor the bible speaks of are the lame, the blind, widowed, and the orphans. I don't recall the poor ever being the abled bodied. When Jesus healed, the person usually got up praised God and went his way. I don't recall them ever asking for a hand out.
Christianity will never will be held up by the Christian elite troops aka the elect. They held firm when the days were darkest in the past and they will hold fast during the dark days that are coming, as prophesized in the Book of Daniel.
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America’s Fatal Conceit

Benjamin the Donkey Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 6:20 AM
Mr. Thorpe, yours is the best post-election article I have read. And oh so true!
Certainly, many laws are already in place to persecute Christians, just as the Bible says. We the faithful, should pray for guidance. Praise GOD!
I was heartbroken when I heard that Obama was re-elected and that the senate remained controlled by Democrats. I believe that this will be the end of the USA as we know it; but I have since looked through my spiritual eyes and remembered that God is in control. There is a reason He has allowed the United States to commit political suicide. I thought about prophecy concerning the one-world (the Beast) system, and thought maybe the time is closer than we think. The United States is too powerful to fit into a one-world system on an equal basis; it would need to be taken down a peg or two. And, the one-worlders in our country’s political leadership are only too happy to do it. After all, they are citizens of the world.
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