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Video: Romney's Best Speech Yet

Benjamin98 Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 1:16 PM
Anne, timing of the response is just as important as the response itself. A campaign would not be wise to unload everthing they've got with several months still to go. You've gotta spread the goods out and then blast them with the best stuff with a couple of weeks to go when there's no time for a good response. I want to see a scorched earth offensive perhaps more than you do. But a campaign has to be strategically disciplined and timing is crucial--something the Obama campaign doesn't seem to get.

I dissected Obama's "worst speech yet" back in April (he hasn't topped it since, though he's come close), so why not write the uplifting companion piece?  Romney does most of the heavy lifting for me, taking a rhetorical battering ram to the president's insulting and demeaning "you didn't build that" remarks in Virginia over the weekend.  The presumptive Republican nominee hit the trail in Irwin, Pennsylvania yesterday afternoon and just unloaded on his opponent, savaging the president's ubiquitous strawmen and mounting a spirited defense of merit, individual accomplishment and American...