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Damning Emails Link White House to Another Green Flop

Benjamin98 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 7:40 PM
$400,000,000 to create 1500 jobs? That's $266,666 per job, which would last most people at least a few years. Why go through the trouble and bureaucracy of actually funding a company?

Just-revealed emails confirm that the Obama administration, and the president himself, have misled Americans about the White House's role in fast-tracking a $400 million "stimulus" loan guarantee to a politically-connected "green energy" firm.  If you followed the Solyndra saga, this will come as no surprise to you -- nor will the fact that Obama has been spreading misinformation about his White House's culpability in the matter.  Revealing Politics boils this scandal down into a digestible one minute clip, the crux of which is the smoking-gun email that directly contradicts Obama's smirking denial that "politics"...