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$400,000,000 to create 1500 jobs? That's $266,666 per job, which would last most people at least a few years. Why go through the trouble and bureaucracy of actually funding a company?
Middle Eastern terrorists who murdered Americans = "Folks" Romney--A fellow American who may become POTUS = "Bullsh*tter" Geez, Obama.
If there is a need for low-income women to have mammograms funded, then provide the funding directly to facilities where they'd be provided the procedure and cut out the middleman (PP).
Maddow is surprised by Letterman's comment. After all, that's the left's modus operandi, take liberties with the truth and, when necessary, flat out lie since enough people will assume it's the truth. She's thinking, "Dude, we all do that."
lois01 Wrote: 2 minutes ago (10:06 AM) so...Obama orchestrated the attack? so that he could call it a terrorist attack? I'm not sure what we're all outraged about? ________________ lois, can you honestly tell us that if the roles were reversed with the killing of four Americans, no response to requested security, subsequent cover up of what went on, comments like "not optimal" and "bumps in the road", administration official repeatedly pushing that it was the video not a terrorist attack, and then proof coming out that it was in fact a terror attack--if all this happened under a Bush administration that there wouldn't be just a little outrage on the part of you people?
We're outraged about the cover up and being repeatedly lied to.
Yep. Bumps in the road. Not optimal.
Exactly. Here they had definitive proof it was a terrorist attack. Yet, it's unclear where the information about the video supposedly being the cause originated.
gator, have you seen this video of Bishop E.W. Jackson Message to Black Christians? Quite powerful...
WH until this week: "Agenda? We don't need no stinkin' agenda,"
It seems the leftists are unconcerned about the rule of law. Makes sense.
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