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Todd Akin: When Dumb Talk Is Inevitable

benir Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 2:07 PM
If the woman reports it as a sudden-without-warning, criminal, forceful, assault, attack, by a stranger or an acquaintance with-absolutely-No-Consent ! Which rules out trying to use a made up story as a phoney excuse, the woman has a right to not have the child of a criminal, who's a complete stranger or an acquaintance-with-No-Consent, who suddenly, without-warning, criminally, forcefully, assaults, attacks her ! As long as she says who the perpetrator was, there'll be a thorough investigation, which will reveal what happened, whether she actually Consented or Not ! The procedure to terminate must be ASAP after the criminal-assualt-attack occurred !
There are two sides within the anti-abortion movement. On one side, stand men and women who care deeply about human life and fear that abortion devalues society by creating a caste of disposable people. On the other side, lurk crabbed adults who think women should be punished for having extramarital sex and that pregnancy is fit punishment that (luck of the draw) spares men and falls instead on women and girls.

I think we all know which corner hosts Rep. Todd Akin. When TV reporter Charles Jaco asked Akin whether abortion should be illegal if it is the result of rape, the...

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