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Motivating Youth to Watch Presidential Debates

BenHartley Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 8:00 AM
At age 73, I hardly qualify as a "youth," but I didn't watch the "debate" either. Look, folks, the so-called debate is a form of political kabuki: it's essentially an over produced, over arranged, and over hyped news conference. Did Romney clean Obama's clock? So I've been told. Would Johnson have added anything different? So I've been told. Does it really make any difference who says what during the "debate?" No, it doesn't, and Katie, dear girl, you're grasping at straws by saying so.

Hit the gym; grab dinner with friends; build a bonfire. These are three evening activities I prefer to watching presidential debates—and I am a political commentator. Few young people watch presidential debates and I understand why.

After Wednesday’s initial presidential debate, I realized that Republicans are failing to exploit the debates and attract independent voters. Instead, Republicans seem to be preaching to the choir.

Fox News Channel (FNC) drew the largest cable audience and 28 percent of FNC’s 10,421,380 total viewers fell into the 25-54 age range. The 25-54 age range also comprised the minority of both CNN and MSNBC’s...