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Indoctrination 101: Ed. Sec. Arne Duncan Approves of Schools Teaching Protesting Techniques ( Exclusive Part 3)

BenHartley Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 8:25 AM
Teach. Protest. Tecniques. In. The. Public. Schools. Tell me, please: what five-year-old doesn't already know how to throw a temper tantrum?

On Tuesday, brought you footage of Black Star Project community organizer Phillip Jackson teaching students in Chicago Public Schools' Jones College Prep the finer points of non-violent protesting. He was positioning the students to achieve a particular result he was seeking.

On Wednesday, we brought you a shocking interview with the dean of the school, Grace Moody, who explained that students should be taught how to protest. She reasoned that with all their "teenage angst," students are going to protest something, so they might as well be taught how to protest effectively.

Moody also explained how Jones' "Social...