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Hair on Fire

BenHartley Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 8:40 AM
Well, Illuminati -- whoever he or she is -- sure spreads a lot of heat, but little light. Nonesuch really isn't any better. It sure is easy to carp, complain, and cast aspersions on others while hiding behind your alias, isn't it? Ben Hartley
The world didn’t end on Friday.

What concluded was the ancient Mayan calendar. Oh, the Mayans didn’t predict that to be the end of the world. They had planned to celebrate — only their civilization collapsed long in advance. All the world-ending catastrophe stuff was created and hyped because some modern-day non-Mayans wanted to make a buck selling a pretend story of death and destruction.

Just for fun, to get the blood flowing.

They no doubt found a large, thankful audience eager to be scared. To a point, since, so far, the world is undefeated in contests against...