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Will Republicans Ever Win the Presidency Again?

Benga Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 2:41 AM
Well said! I don't think they cut the Bengahzi budget resources, so your point is not 100% germane, but this is absolutely a tactic of the Right. Obstruct, weaken bills, delay bills, defund bills, and then blame Government when the problem that the bills were trying to address remain. They robbed trillions from Social Security, and now blame it for its own insolvency. They passed a bill crippling the Post Office in 2006, and then whine about the failures of the post office, as though it is Obama's doing. The reasons for this are many--ideological (they have to maintain that the Government can't do anything right, so they sabotage it from within whenever possible), political (they can blame Obama and Democrats, who supposedly love
In the aftermath of the reelection of the worst president since James Buchanan, the question must be asked. Clearly, the Republican Party is on the downswing. But why?

There are two easy answers. Neither of them is correct. The first answer is advanced by proponents of liberalism. They say that the 2012 election was an ideological election, the seminal, long-awaited decision of the American public to fully embrace their inner socialists. This argument posits that Mitt Romney was an extreme conservative, Barack Obama was an extreme liberal, and the American people cast their lot with the liberal.

That argument is incorrect. As...