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Why Did Mitt Romney Lose?

Benga Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 4:36 AM
private citizens who use that road. Government firefighters don't "produce" anything, but if they save someone's business from a fire, that allows that company to continue making private sector money. Whether the private market could do these jobs more efficiently or not, and keep a standard of equal opportunity and requisite responsibility or not, is up for debate. But it is very narrow to conclude that our workforce is only hindered by the public sector, let alone that hiring public workers, as has been done by every president, is a "path toward Greece." Also, Obama has actually decreased the amount of public workers in the country, as far as my sources indicate. I'd avoid listening to the classifications of him by the opposing party

Of course, virtually every American who follows politics closely will posit an explanation for why Mitt Romney came up short in 2012. But Sean Trende’s analysis over at Real Clear Politics seems to be the most insightful -- and plausible. Take a look at the following chart embedded in his must-read article:


Conventional wisdom tells us that Republicans lost because they failed to reach out to Hispanics, African-Americans and young people. And to a certain extent that is