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I am actually gonna love it when we go broke and there is no one left for the progs to steal from. But they won't mind just so long and it's THEM running the SH*THOLE.
If it wasn't for affirmative action, Obama would be a common thug stealing people's hard-earned money 24/7 - wait, he's already doing that.
If he ever does get reelected, we can expect the towel to go on his head and Prebmint Corpse Man dressed in Muslim robes.
Obama is fundamentally an evil slime ball and inclined to murder. Any man who would actually vote against a bill prohibiting the killing of living babies as they exit the womb is a monster and human piece of garbage.
It won't do us much good winning he senate if we get a few more helpless morons like McConnell. We "won" the House and then got Boehner who has spent his time in a tanning salon ever since. That and telling conservative freshmen congressmen "how it's done" in Wasington. IOW, eff your Tea Party constituents who sent you here.
Not at all. I would literally give my life to see Obama beat, sir, but am hopping mad at how we keep on beating ourselves with inneffective candidates like Dole, McCain and Romney - and all to attract black and Mexican voters who will NEVER vote for ANY repubicans.
Too bad we can't have Newt or Palin stand in for McRomney the rest of the way. Maybe someone could fashion a lifelike mask of Mittens Milquetoaat for Newt or Palin and put them up there and hide Romeny in the RNC basement for a couple months.
Heney, when you prog parasites finally kill off the host (working people), I hope I am around to see you little socialist street urchins killing and eathing each other. The "rich" are already paying over 70% of the taxes. So now you parasites are calling anyone who is not on welfare "rich!!!!!!!!"
Bush was a great president as evidenced by how the left hated him so much. When Commies hate you (and the democrat party is mostly commies now), it's a sure sign of sainthood,
Charles, Romney is now all we got and someone hase to grow a set of nuts for this guy, or sic his PACs on Obama the way he did when he destoyed Newt and Bachmann.
Lizzie, while what you say is true, we allowed the MSM to effectively nominate yet another RINO for us and the bigwigs in our party told the conservative base to shove it - yet again. Don't wonder why we lose when we ignore and take for granted the loyal people who yearn for a real conservative like Newt, Cain, West, Palin, Bachman or even Perry and get a milquetoast like Romney who just does not have the courage and gonads to take this thug on. We are not called The Stupid Party for nothing. Every RINO who got this guy nominated are fundamentally party activists and very liberal. They all hate our REAL conservatives and want to please The NYT instead of our base.
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