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Optimal Binders Full of Fail

Bencheeseburger Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 5:44 PM
This is a test
NO WAY! When are the Republicans going to wise up and stop allowing only liberal moderators? It is ridiculous! Who would be a good neutral moderator? Bill O'Reilly would definitely not put up with any bull.
The answer is defeat Obummer BIG TIME so the blacks and others can't legitimately cry foul and riot their fool heads off. They'll no doubt do that anyway if O loses. Such a fine bunch of supporters he has. Anybody hear the rally by students at the U of Ohio? College students! Unbelievable!
I think that Obummer's October Surprise will be the killing of the leader of the gang that killed our Ambassador to Libya and making a big deal of it just like the killing of UBL! The government knows where he is now but apparently are waiting for the kill until closer to election time.
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Candy Crowley Self-Destructs

Bencheeseburger Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 9:51 AM
It wasn't just 2 against Romney. Michelle led the applause after Candy butted in making it 3 to 1 and saving His Nibsl When are the Republicans going to smarten up and insist on at least one neutral or maybe even conservative moderator? Nothing is fair in the Obama campaign but the dumb Republicans keep going along with it.
Longoria is a perfect co-chair for Obummer's pathetic REALLY stupid trashy campaign. Bet she and Michelle are good friends. To quote a famous American in 2008, "If you don't have a record to run on you talk about stupid, little things." Something like that anyway.
I wish that somebody would tell the Romney campaign that Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms nor apparently any breast screening. Obama LIES!
I thought that was a great question, too.
Good point. Wonder how many others there are that we don't know about. This is such a criminal administration. I am old and have never ever seen such a thing as what is going on in our great country since Obummer got elected. TERRIBLE.
Nixon had to resign as president for a cover-up job. Why has their been so little indignation over Obama's cover-up in which 4 Americans were killed!!! I hope and pray there is still a silent majority out there that will come to the aid of our great country on November 6th.
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