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I'd argue that they allowed SEMIautomatic weapons into cartel hands. I think that's what you meant, just making the distinction. The automatic weapons that they show from time to time (machine guns, M16s that you can see the selector says "auto", etc) are what I'd like to see investigated. Seems that those had to have come from our government to their government, then bribed or extorted from the police, army, whatever, to the cartels. THOSE didn't come from any FFL in the states, guaranteed. Gotta love the pics of the RPGs, grenades, machine guns, etc, while the news person is talking about banning "assault weapons." Where do we start with the levels of stupidity in that?
Yep, they're "assault weapons" but not assault weapons. Purely cosmetic items on semiautomatic firearms, so by definition, they're NOT assault weapons.
And all of those "assault weapons" had the same features, like flash hider, pistol grip, folding stock, bayonette lug, and detachable magazine. All cosmetic features that had nothing to do with the gun's operation. Every banned gun was semiautomatic, single shell fired per trigger pull. People seem to think that these guns were full auto; not one of them was full auto. They aren't even assault weapons, for that reason. Congress redefined the term "assault weapon" to include a semiautomatic gun that had those cosmetic features.
You're a very simple person, aren't you? Do you really think we should trust people? That's what's gotten us into most of the problems that we are in right now, trusting people! We should be suspicious of everyone. Should we trust banks to hold our money and keep our interests first? Not a chance. Look at what they've done. Should we trust government to take care of us? Not a chance. Look at what they're doing to our economy, national debt, crony-capitalism, corporate welfare, and such. Why should we put our trust in anyone? The world is a bad place, and there are people out there willing to kill to get what they want. I have no intention of being a victim.
How many knife deaths does the UK have? How about baseball bats? But that's okay, because they're not guns. Did you know that people in the UK get jail time for having a knife? How stupid is that? Keep the guns away from criminals, and our gun problem is pretty much solved. Once you do that, I'll think about giving mine up. Oh, and the only way to keep criminals from getting guns is to lock up the criminals and leave them there. That is our problem. We have a slacker court system and liberal judges that release these wolves to terrorize the population and continue on their murderous ways. Get them off the street for good, and life will be grand.
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