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University Asks: Are You Gay or Straight?

ben496 Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 1:44 PM
Anybody who doesn't believe this line of questioning is leading towards some type of Affirmitive Action plan for homosexuals is in denial. Like I said earlier, I would bet the bank if a student applies to a university and doesn't have the appropriate grades or GPA the university will, as part of the criteria, accept the undeserving student if the student is gay. Then you'll have clubs and sorority's being required to have a certain number of gay students allowed entrance. I'm sure the school admin will count the numbers to make sure we have so many blacks, hispanics, women, homosexuals, students with two heads, etc.

The University of Iowa has become the first public institution of higher learning to ask students about their sexual orientation during the application process for admission.

The University of Iowa has become the first public U.S. university to ask incoming students about their sexual orientation and gender identity so they can be connected to relevant services once enrolled, the school said on Wednesday.

University officials said in a statement that their admissions office began asking those optional questions this fall in applications for entry.

The university's decision places it in...