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It’s Time to Scrap Black History Month

ben496 Wrote: Feb 28, 2015 9:21 AM
Fantastic Carl. Black History month has evolved into racist history month where the focus is on how bad white people are. Yes, black history is American History. This Black History month is an appeasement to blacks. Unfortunately, I doubt we will ever get rid of this type of liberal garbage. If you were to ever attend a school board meeting in the area I live in you will see the majority of area superintendents, high up school administrators, etc, are black. I could go on about how they intentional pass over more qualified white applicants and hire less qualified blacks simply because of skin color, but what's really offensive is at many of these meetings the topic always falls back to race. Never mind math, science or reading. Race and black teens/youth is brought to the forefront. A white principal attended one of the meetings and the topic was the 8 myths about black men (this on my tax dollars). The guest speaker spoke about how more blacks are getting into education and care about the kids while the "white man" is chasing the dollar! Unbelievable! I told the principal to file a complaint, but she fears retaliation. This isn't an isolated incident it's very common. Is it any wonder why public schools are failures?
The only certainty of Columbus' ethnicity was that he was of Genoese (Genoa-Italian) descent. Documentation supports this and most credible historians concur. Columbus of Jewish descent is speculation and hypothesis. There is also a hypothesis that Columbus was a descendant from Portugal and Poland. Nothing more than pure speculation with no concrete evidence. The only thing that is clear cut is Columbus was Italian.
Mayor Giuliani is an American hero and what he said was spot on. Obama certainly thinks America is a racist country and has been a bully over the course of history to other countries. Obama has demonstrated this throughout his presidency.Obama acknowledges he wants to fundamentally transform America. Michelle Obama stated when Barack was elected that this was the first time she's ever been proud of her country. Obama surrounds himself with America haters such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, Rev Wright, Saul Alinsky, various communists, etc. Let's not forget his apology tour on foreign soil. Who has friends like this and can honestly say they love their country? I think any fair and sane person would question Obama's love for America.
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Why Rudy Was Wrong!

ben496 Wrote: Feb 22, 2015 11:24 AM
No question Obama doesn't love America and views it as deeply flawed. Looking through Obama's eyes you can see why Giuliani was right. Here's Obama who grew up with a Muslim communist father and a white hippie mother, both of whom did not like America very much. Much of Obama's formative years were spent in Indonesia learning about Islam. While In America Obama surrounds himself with America haters and communists. Obama sits in a church of hate (black liberation theology) for 20 plus years listening to Rev Wrights hateful rhetoric. Obama views America as racist and a bully. This is why Obama wants to "fundamentally" transform America. Obama, I believe is an atheist. He has feelings towards Islam because of his father and Indonesia. His actions show he is not a Christian.
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The End of "Tough On Crime"?

ben496 Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 10:09 PM
Go visit a prison and you'll see how easy these convicts have it. Many of them are incarcerated and are actually happy to see their friends and family in the same prison. In addition, these convicts get: cable tv, weight room, library, access to doctors and dentists at their whim, etc. Many prisons have baseball and basketball teams and they travel to play other prison teams. Gay sex is rampant along with drugs of their choice. What is the deterrent? No chain gangs, no breaking rock on the rock pile. That was too cruel according to liberals. Vote all liberals out of office.
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A Failure to Confront Evil

ben496 Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 9:50 AM
If Obama put the time and energy into defeated Islamic terror as he does with the effort he puts into bashing the TEA Party, conservative, white cops, etc, we might have a good shot at wiping out ISIS.
This JV squad evolved into the varsity team pretty quickly thanks to Obama's indifference. I'm sick of hearing "not all Muslims are terrorists". The so called "small" minority of these Muslim terrorists number in the many millions!! In addition, you also have millions more "moderate" Muslims, who although wouldn't participate in beheading, will silently agree with it.
lllbay, The article is about Jews in Europe, in France more specifically, being pushed out yet again. The article isn't about Christians in the Middle East experiencing this same type of violence and antisemitism. So, the point being since these Muslims have come to Europe in the name of diversity the Jews have been targeted. However, since the Muslim presence is getting bigger in Europe once Jews leave en mass Christians will find themselves on the other end of violence by Muslims. Try reading comprehension!
They sure were! I met a elderly German lady who happened to be Jewish years ago. She told me her family lived in Germany for generations. The had national German pride. They spoke German, cooked German food. Everything they did was with German pride. They were just as German, if not more, than anyone else. Yet, she stated, because of her religious faith (Judaism) her family was told they are not "real" Germans and she lost many in her family from the Nazi regime.
Excellent point!
Jews have been in Europe for hundreds of years. Any Jew who has been born and raised in France or has family there for generations are French! Period. The French government needs to crack down on these Islamic scum hiding in their "no go" zones. Those areas need to be bulldozed down. The Christians in France better wake up. If the Jews were to leave the Christians would be next on the list.
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