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The World's Great Prison Escapee

Ben218 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 9:45 AM
Isn't it strange how few people will even respond to a column that addresses religion in a positive way? The shallowness of understanding of Christianity is really scary.
The power of redemption is the one concept a cynical, self-regarding epoch -- ours -- can't quite get its arms around, especially, perhaps, in the case of the late Chuck Colson. Can the guy have been right in the head? Wasn't he putting us on with all this Sweet Jesus business he performed in prisons all over the world?

If Colson was dissembling about his hard-won faith in Christ, the result of imprisonment for his part in Watergate -- a possibility I don't accept for a millisecond -- his was an odd way of staging a comeback: witnessing Christ's love to...