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Angle of Repose

Ben218 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 10:59 AM
Beautiful, Paul. Where have all the class writers gone? The sports writers of a generation ago had more style and class than the vapid stuff put out today by the columnists. I hope you continue here rather than the quiet place you visited for a great long time.

It is quiet out here today. It often is at the old graveyard. A soft wind plays over the monuments. Not a cloud in the sky this cold but bright weekday. No one else appears.

Now and then I see others here, the walkers and talkers. Like the man who stood quietly addressing a gravestone, but it wasn't the gravestone he was talking to. Maybe he was sharing the news of his day, or hearing the news of eternity. No one else is here just now, but the place is scarcely empty. It is full of presences. But...

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