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I ended up a single parent (mom) and it was not planned. The schools we had did not have such events, but the church and some other groups did. It was no problem and I thought nothing of it. My dad, brothers, uncles, cousins or friends were more than willing to escort my daughter. Life happens and you have to deal with it. Unfortunately society today can not & will not deal with anything, they expect everyone else to "deal" with it for them.
we always called it the Atheists & Criminal Laws Unit..
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When Mittens turn to Boxing Gloves

bells4freedom Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 8:53 AM
unfortunately too many people do depend on the gov't for support..I would like to see it used as a hand up not a hand out..you see generation after generation living by means of the gov't which in all actuality means they are living off of the tax payers..it has become a way of life not a way up & out of poverty and hardship...
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'Bait and Switch' Taxes

bells4freedom Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 7:51 AM
his new "motto" of forward should be "ba(ra)ckward"..
it is a distraction & one the Democrats desperately need as they know they have nothing to run on to impress the voters..when all the other politicians step down for their verbal screw ups & offensive comments then & only then should anyone be able to actually complain about Akin's mess up..it is time to take the offensive & bring the facts out that are in actuality important; unemployment, economic disaster, failing schools, etc..let's talk about what truly matters..
we need to stress the importance of family, quit accepting pregnancies (young single girls) as the norm & get rid of all the entitlements..when you don't have to rely on family or be a family unit but a pawn to the government, you can not have a strong family unit or ties...
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