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Global Warming Blame-ologists Play with Fire

belief101 Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 4:00 PM
Yes, heaven forbid we have heat in the summer and various forest fires. This all just has never happened during the earths existance has it? Gimme a break! I will never forget when I was in High School (late 70's), the articles on the coming ice age!! Well folks, which is it? Neither, because people like controlling other people. Its all politics and control!
Rodney47 Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 4:09 PM
What is even more amazing, and the leftist brain-dead among us throw a fit when I bring it up, is the TIMES story from 76' or 77' claiming global freezing was going to kill us all was re-submitted ver-batum as a global warming scare piece sometime around 2004 or so. The only words changed were freezing and warming.
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Good news: The Waldo Canyon fire, which forced 32,000 residents (including our family) to flee, claimed two lives and destroyed 347 homes, is now 100 percent contained. Bad news: Radical environmentalists won't stop blowing hot air about this year's infernal season across the West.

Al Gore slithered out of the political morgue to bemoan nationwide heat records and pimp his new "Climate Reality Project," which blames global warming for the wildfire outbreak. NBC meteorologist Doug Kammerer asserted: "If we did not have global warming, we wouldn't see this." Agriculture Department Undersecretary Harris Sherman, who oversees the Forest Service,...