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Yes Lois, kind of like it says in Dueteronomy. So, does that exclude everything after that? Thats alot of Bible. John was also NOT the last to write among the apostles. He is referring to the Book of Revelation. The bible was not even made at the time. Your argument is silly and worn-out.
You know what Limbaugh says is really true! These liberals and Democrats are not that bright. If you put a bag of dog s**t in front of them, "they will step in it every time". This was not the year to do this, and now I believe this will play into Romney's favor in Wisconsin. The problem with libs is they always put their anger ahead of clear thinking and it blows up on them. They always will..
For someone claiming not to be a very spiritual person Benjamin, you hit the nail right on the head.
Bush is a class act. Obama is not. Bush respects the office of Presidency and of course would accept the invite.
Class (Bush) meets A*S (Obama)..
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