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Like every lib - Whoopi is most miserable, and it shows!
A "grassroots outcry"? Where? Some moms are working two jobs trying to make ends meet because of Obama's policies. They may be a little busy worrying about putting food on the table or paying for a tank of gas over the demise of Big Bird, which will not happen anyway. The Childrens Television Workshop is not funded by PBS. But keep throwing stuff up against the wall and see if something will stick Obama campaign!! Ya never know!!
Thanks Anderson for doing your journalistic job. It was a nice try - she is not going to admit to anything, but from a conservative, thanks for trying!!!
I always appreciate your well thought out articles Chuck! The problem with this current administration is that they don't care about the law. They seem to feel they are above it and don't need to answer for anything to us lowly folks out here. And the MSM media are just fine with that too. Sad days, for this agent and all Americans whitewashed by Obama, Holder and their cronies.
So since everyone knows how bogus this is I will just say one thing..She is kind of hot (on certain days) for a lib..
Thank you Ron Paul troller. As if Ron Paul ever stood a chance!
With all the scrutinity on Romney being a Mormon, its really folks like Reid that (as a fellow Mormon) makes me ashamed. Interestingly the media never attacks our religion when it comes to Reid because he is so much in Obama's corner!
So why the Preezie laughs on Lettermans couch, not even a week after our Ambassador and others are killed oversea's, and does no pressers, is covered by the liberal media and fundraises with Jay-Z and Beyonce (imagine the press if Bush had done that), only one person LOOKS and ACTS Presidential, and thats Mitt Romney!
You my friend are a complete typical, liberal A S S who will continue to bury their head in the proverbial sand!
Typical lib, can't go off of her talking points.
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Palin Fires Back at Dick Cheney

belief101 Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 12:13 PM
Absolutely! Well said Sarah. I voted for McCain even more enthusiastically because you were on the ticket! I don't know what it is about the Republican blue dogs (elites) eating their own and throwing them under the bus. You would never hear Clinton criticize anyone that way in his party.
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