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Are Americans Biased Against Mormon Presidential Candidates?

belief101 Wrote: Jun 23, 2012 4:28 PM
The Church always allowed blacks membership in the Church - just not holding of the Priesthood, which if you read the Bible close enough (particularly the O.T.) there is precedence for that. The Church changed the policy based on a revelation to the Prophet in 1978. There were alot of members of the church who were black before 1978. But, what was Mitt going to do to change it? Storm the Church office bldg and demand it? If anyone attended a racist church it appears to be Obama sitting in Rev. Wrights pews.

The answer seems to be yes, unfortunately, but the results are somewhat encouraging.


Eighteen percent of Americans say they would not vote for a well-qualified presidential candidate who happens to be a Mormon, virtually the same as the 17% who held this attitude in 1967...

The exact percentage of Americans who resist the idea of voting for a Mormon has varied slightly over the eight times Gallup has asked the question, typically when a Mormon was running for president, including George Romney (1968 campaign), Orrin Hatch (2000 campaign), and Mitt Romney...