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Illegal Immigrants, Not So Illegal

Behog05 Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 11:29 PM
That is certainly insightful. I guess in your small world of the simple it is much easier to pin the tail on a villain than it is to actually be capable of thought and reason. In that way you are of a similar mind with the current president.
When you hear of people in Chicago sleeping on the sidewalk to be first in line in the morning, you may figure they are hoping to snag tickets for Lady Gaga or a Cubs World Series. But those were not the explanation Wednesday when thousands lined up at Navy Pier. They didn't want to get something. They wanted to avoid getting something: a deportation order.

It was a scene that immediately put every American into one of two groups: those heartened by the throngs of illegal immigrants thirsting to stay in this country, and those appalled. It also framed a choice for...