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LGBT Strikes Again: Comply or Die

Behog05 Wrote: Oct 13, 2014 11:11 AM
"They" didn't!
When we overhaul this government back into resembling something that can work I would suggest making it a law that a president (or any elected official) CANNOT appear at any function other than strict government business. NO FUNDRAISING, NO CAMPAIGNING. He should concentrate all of his time to doing his job. Re-election would be determined in how he does that job, not as a result of his extraneous political activities. Also, any elected official will not be allowed to earn money in any activity as a result of their service in office. No lobbying, no speeches and no jobs with any company or individual that has business affected by the government. First offense is the forfeiture of all pensions and benefits, second offense - prison. Just maybe we would then have people who serve for the right reasons.
What is also missing from the discussion is the responsibility of the people in those countries in continuing to bring children into the world of misery they live in. Having spent 35 years as an airline pilot flying to all those countries I have watched generation after generation of misery that nobody in this country can understand. Simple fact is that reducing the birth rate would improve the lives of every one of those countries and their failure to control their reproduction IS NOT OUR PROBLEM. Those "loving" parents are responsible for the misery of their children.
What's the difference between Obama, Bush, Clinton, millions of other successful people and so many of those who's lives have been ruined with criminal records from drug arrests? The first group didn't get caught for doing the same thing. What is criminal is the hypocrisy of so many of those in power who have presided over the "war on drugs." Now it is an industry involving the jobs and bureaucracy of hundreds of thousands, a large percentage of whom have done exactly what they are prosecuting others for.
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