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The Nature of Cats and Men

Beethovens10th Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 10:25 AM
Un-neutered cats are a problem, sure. But I think a lot of this push to reduce them is based on hatred of cats. European sparrows were brought here centuries ago and in some areas of the country outnumber native birds 100 to 1. Cats we had growing up seemed to catch sparrows almost exclusively. Seems to me that a healthy cat population (again, within reason) would be a good check against this invasive pest.
Earlier this week a New Zealand politician, Gareth Morgan, asked his countrymen to get rid of housecats. Morgan didn't ask for these cats to be euthanized; he just asked to make sure they don't have any offspring. His problem with cats is one that's growing in developed nations-how to preserve animals living in an urban setting against a natural born killer.

Yes, your housecat is one of the most destructive killing machines on the planet, and environmentalists have taken notice.

Several studies in recent years confirm housecats and their feral cousins have a destructive streak that, according to the University of Nebraska,...
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