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State Sues Florist Who Refused to Decorate Gay Wedding

Beethovens10th Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 6:03 PM
If a Christian business owner declined to do business with a couple for a conscience objection reason, and the couple insisted on forcing the business owner to go against his convictions at the point of a gun, then I'd say that the COUPLE had bigger issues and is the aggressor here with discrimination.

The State of Washington is suing a small flower shop after the owner declined to provide flowers for a homosexual wedding – based on her religious beliefs.

Barronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Wash., is facing thousands of dollars in fines and penalties for allegedly violating the state’s Consumer Protection Act.

“If a business provides a product or service to opposite-sex couples for their weddings, then it must provide same-sex couples the same product or service,” Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a statement.

On March 1, a longtime customer asked Stutzman to provide flowers for his upcoming...