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Hotels and Hassles

Beethovens10th Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 10:31 AM
The complicated gadgets are so complicated because people have to justify their jobs, even if they have to changes things merely because it creates the appearance of adding value. The same with websites and computer applications. Quicken and other financial software programs change their programs' features and interfaces EVERY YEAR, whether the change is a substantive improvement or not (usually not), just so that they can appear "relevant" and charge more for the upgrade after they stop supporting the older versions after a few years. Most of the time, these changes are just a matter of moving a command or function around to a new location, giving it a new look, and renaming it - none of which helps users.
meowbius Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 11:06 AM
Exactly! I was always wondering when some product was advertised "same great (quality) now with the new look" or something - didn't you realize it's imperfect, or let's say, half-baked when you marketed it first time? and yes, every "improvement" is built-in for a long haul. Most of us know they've been had, but the hype seems to work. Sometimes it's no more than lipstick on a pig trick, but the older/cheaper/simpler version is gone anyway.
Reginald10 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 1:18 PM
My computer's hard drive blew up, and I had to replace it & start from (almost) scratch. I couldn't find my Vista disk, so I bought a Windows 8 package and a Win8 for Dummies booklet.

Read the booklet, looked over the free brochure, . . .

Took Windows 8 back. I'm not installing that on my computer! It's too over-done; it turns your laptop into a mock i-pad, with a direct pipeline to the WINDOWS "App store". And if you don't have a touch-screen, there are work-arounds; just like there are keyboard work-arounds if you don't have a mouse. Try using your computer, without a mouse. It's that bad.

Few things can make you appreciate home like staying in a hotel. This includes not only low-budget, bare bones hotels but also sweepingly large and ornate luxury hotels. What many hotels seem to have in common are needless hassles.

Since most people who stay in hotels do so while traveling, and stay only a few days in a given hotel, you might think that those who run hotels would want to make it easy for someone who arrives a little tired (or a lot tired) from traveling to use the various devices they find in their hotel room. But you...