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Incredible, 53% think he is dishonest, or in other words 47% think he is!
How embarrassing.
No, they would write a specific clause in the constitution forbidding socialized medicine.
I have a theory about the strategy of shutting down the government, it is a long ball play. Polls show as many as 60% of Americans do not want barrycare. Conservatives decide to take a stand for the abolition of barrycare, even if it means shutting the government down, even in the face of losses in the 2014 election as predicted by ALL. Government shuts down for a few days (actually things run smoother) then conservatives acquiesce, saying we tried but will not continue to FURTHER harm Americans with this fight. Barrycare begins and implodes like we all know it will. Now conservatives have a generational game shift... We were willing to risk our performance in the 2014 and we did it for the right reasons, not because of some election but because we knew how bad barrycare was going to be and how much harm it would have on every citizen. Dumbocrats, and their liberal agenda are exposed for all to see and loose for years to come.
Although I am surprised the communist news agency did some actual reporting, so I contradict myself.
Does this surprise anyone?
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