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Ironically, they are selling their souls and will LOSE VOTES, not gain them. That's how stupid the GOPe is.
If you are not pro life and pro traditional marriage you are something, just not a conservative.
Anon's sophisms make me sad. His is the type of thinking held by slave owners prior to the civil war.
I thought all the original NAZIs had died off by now and then I read this horrific comment by 6826 that tells me they're still around.
TS, I think you mean to say, with regard to Benghazi, "It's over. There's no ambassador there".
Too bad you're being snarky. As it is, I don't see how these comments of yours fit the day has some good Easter posts. Let's not beso judgmental Far2.
-1 for appealing to Snopes as an authority. Next you'll appeal to Wikipedia.
This is your opinion canine and it lacks a comprehension of deeper issues. 1. What Boehner says I generally (let's say 85% for argument's sake) agree with. He makes conservative leaning statements. I agree with 0% of what his opponents say. Here's the problem. I agree with 0% of his ACTIONS. For Tea Partiers, we want to see results, not words. Boehner is a neo-statist and as such, should be purged from the party. 2. If a faux conservative (which is clearly what Boehner is) occupies the Speaker's chair that SHOULD be held by a conservative in order to advance the agenda, then he actually does more harm than if Pelosi were holding that seat. This is a tactical reality. Boehner, as an enemy in our ranks is much more damaging to the Republican party than Pelosi could ever dream to be. 3. Boehner, McConnel, and their ilk, complain that they have no power to stop Obama's agenda and yet, Pelosi and Reid stopped W's agenda in 2006 and 2007. How can that be if they only held 1/3rd of the government? The reason is that both Reid and Pelosi, for all their evil intents, are on a mission. None of our Congressional leadership has any mission but to undermine constitutional government, period. They are a cancer and therefore, must be excised even if it means destroying other parts of the body. If we don't they will take the Republican party down with them. Finally, let me quote your words back to you with a minor editorial fix: "Running RINO candidates against conservative Republicans or undermining conservative candidates if the RINO is not the nominee, splitting the conservative vote and allowing the Democrat to win the election, is about as stupid as it gets." FIFY
Put another way, statism/progressivism/socialism never works because the self-appointed masterminds have ONLY self interest. Capitalism is the ideal social construct because it relies on satisfying the customer first before self-satisfaction is possible.
^^^ This comment makes zero sense.
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