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Was Gruber being "glib" then or "glib" now, in front of Congress.
They will go independent. Eventually, some pol will come along who will galvanize these conservative independence into a new 2nd party. I don't believe in 3rd parties because they can't compete -which is why eventually, the GOP needs to become the 3rd party.
And the irony is, the GOP leadership can't even explain to people that it is Obama, who would be shutting down the government, not Congress. How hard is that to say??
Hey LLLBay, you act like you actually think you know what you're talking about. But you don't. THIS VERY MINUTE, McConnell, Boehner, et.al. are trying to get the CRomnibus passed before the next Congress is seated. You do realize this don't you? Conservatives know both the Constitution and the way that the GOPe works. Since you apparently don't, please don't lecture us on how you are so brilliant and we need to give the GOPe leadership a chance. We've been giving them that chance for years and they keep screwing up. They are just about to do it again.
The public does not "loathe" a shutdown. Where do these writers get these stupid notions. If they "loathed" it then they would not have given the GOP the Senate. The GOP as a party, has low numbers because it's base can't stand the House and GOP leadership, period. McDonnell and Boehner won't accept this so they project.
tspears, how many ways does it have to be explained? Reagan never lost a general election. Romney did. To put it in your vernacular, the entire country dumped Romney once he got the nomination. Big difference.
I erred in my summary, JQ Adams and Harrison were the only presidents to come back from an uncontested loss.
You're dishonestly comparing apples to oranges. Neither Reagan nor GHWB ever lost a general election. So there's no point in trying to use them as an example. In fact, if you want to try to make your point you'd have to go back to the Nixon/Kennedy contest in 1960 to find a losing general election candidate who came back to later win the presidency. And of course, in Nixon's case, Kennedy arguable stole that election and Nixon decided not to contest it. Even so, he still had to wait until after LBJ to win the office. Prior to Nixon, only 3 candidates who lost their first general ever came back to win the presidency: John Q Adams lost to James Monroe (1820) Andrew Jackson lost in a contested race to John Q Adams (1824) William Henry Harrison lost to Van Buren (1836) If you set aside Nixon and Jackson's general election losses due to potential funny business where one could argue that both actually won, that only leaves Jackson and Harrison who have ever come back from an uncontested loss to win the presidency. So yes, it is possible to lose the general and then later win the presidency, but by my reckoning, only two men have ever done it outright and none in the modern era. Romney does not have the gravitas to come back and win the presidency after his embarrassing loss in 2012. And I say embarrassing because like McCain before him, in retrospect, it looks like he purposefully threw the election. Either that or he proved he is unable to seriously fight for a win. What makes you think he would fight this time?
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America, You’ve Been Grubered!

Beeblebrox Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 7:58 AM
Absolutely correct. Unfortunately, even though Republicans hold a majority of state houses, there are spineless Republicans there too.
The House may be able to impeach but the Senate won't convict. Instead, they should shut Obama down. This nomination process is a good one and of course, defunding Obama's regime would be the obvious solution.
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