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She doesn't need to push for 9. There are already nine there.
Derek, I love ya man so here's my offer. I'll vote for the GOP establishment and then when McConnell becomes majority leader we'll see if he blocks Obama's nominees to the SCOTUS. I don't think he will. In fact, I'm pretty sure that not only will McConnell NOT block any SCOTUS nominees but he will actively assist Obama on continuing resolutions, prevent shutting down the government, advance amnesty, block Cruz and other conservatives at every turn, and generally be a GOP version of Harry Reid. But I'll hold my nose and vote but I want you to guarantee that McConnell will block Obama's nominees. You say that's what's on the line. If he doesn't, will you give up your career as a Republican apologist as a gesture of contrition?
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Your 'To Do' List to Save America

Beeblebrox Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 8:05 AM
Coulter is going into high-fallacy mode these days: 1. Democrats don't stage primary challenges against other Democrats. They did when they were trying to get rid of Blue Dog Democrats. Once all the incumbents were liberals, then the job was done. Our incumbents need to all be conservatives so obviously, we have a lot of work to do to get rid of about 40 RINOs and CINOs. 2. You could ask any GOPe senator "would you vote to repeal Obamacare" and they would answer yes then wouldn't do it when the vote counted. Plus, we have a majority in the House and they won't defund Obamacare (which they can do WITHOUT the Senate or the POTUS.) But they won't. Meanwhile, McConnell has promised in advance to not shut down the government so even with a majority he's not going to do anything about Obamacare. "Caucus with the Dems or GOP?" Doesn't make any difference. Neither party is going to do anything differently with a GOP majority than they are doing now under Reid except maybe give the MSM and Obama more demagoguing opportunities. McConnell's Senate will stop no Obama judicial appointees. He won't shut down the government, he won't stop amnesty, he won't get to the bottom of the criminal activities in the exec branch, he's not going to do anything that will upset the status quo. As Rush said recently, until the GOP gives it's voters some reason to vote for them, then people won't.
You are so right. The Dems purposefully spiked fuel prices in 2007 with their no-drilling policies. This precipitated the mortgage crisis and the depression that followed.
Weather is the thing that meteorologists can't project out more than a day or so. Climate is the thing that climatologists can't predict at all. In fact, there are no models that have been proven correct in predicting the current trends. I'm thinking that even low information commenters like cancze could have flipped a coin and done a better job of predicting the current cooling trend than the geniuses at East Anglia, et. al.
Superior troll maybe. The earth isn't warming. Soon we will wish it was. We're going into a significant cooling period which will impact the poor the most.
The term "militarization" is a red herring. People get all worked up over police having military gear. I would like to make a case FOR militarization since the issue is not the gear but the policies for the use of force itself. Why has SWAT team use gone up? How about because there is a point at which the beat level LEO doesn't have the gear needed to go the next level up in offense. The average LEO is in a cloth uniform and hat with a service pistol at his side. That's about it. So if there is a chance that a couple of officers in that kind of garb are not enough, in with the SWAT team. How about this, what if we give the typical LEO something closer to what the SWAT teams have so said SWAT teams don't have to be called? And here is another question, if Officer Wilson had stepped out of a HumVee with an automatic weapon in hand and wearing body armor, would the Gentle Giant still have attacked him? The answer is likely that Brown would not have rushed the officer and he'd be alive today. Shows of police force are a deterrent to crime. Shows of weakness invite attacks on officers. The psychology at play here is obvious. Quasi-military garb and gear makes an officer feel less threatened by attackers and it makes attackers less likely to go after the officer. Win/Win for everyone. So before people get all exercised about "what possible need could a local police force have for military style gear" ask the same question about any person needing a weapon. Why should a citizen "need" a scary LAR-47? He needs it to fight off the bad guys just like cops need to. Ultimately, the use of force, whether that used by Officer Wilson or that used by a SWAT team, should conform to rules of engagement. LEOs need to be trained in how to brandish and use military grade gear just like they do now with their service pistol.
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No Facts, No Peace

Beeblebrox Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 3:34 PM
Saying "logic is racist" is racist. Your turn ;-)
The country is in flames due to Marxist and weak-kneed Republican establishment leadership. Anyone with an IQ over 80 sees this. Yet Republican voters can't bring themselves to vote for the guy or gal who will fight to stop the Marxist/LIV onslaught. To wit: They vote for Cochran McConnell Lindsey Lamar etc. What is wrong with the Republican voter? I don't get it. People complain about the country going to h3LL yet vote year after year for the same people taking us there.
Well actually, I think the main thrust of her article was this: 1. Be wary of Christians who are glory seeking. Brantly seemed to be doing this. 2. Be aware that millions of dollars were wasted in an effort to save Brantly when the money could have been spent better elsewhere. The second one is more important point because stewardship of the Lord's funds should always be foremost. Churches who waste money are often criticized, and righty so. Those who use their donations wisely, regardless of how large the size of the pot, don't deserve criticism. Now, if Brantly had a specific request that no heroic or expensive measures should be taken to save him if he caught the disease, then kudos to him. I don't have enough info to comment on that part of the equation.
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