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Muddy states,"I don't choose words or phrases to satisfy self-appointed social critics." Does the United States armed services currently use your phrase,"darker skinned variety" and "lily white progs" as a part of official policy and social conduct?
This is your quote unquote,"darker skinned variety" and"lily white progs"
ReddestNeck, are you stating that the armed forces use the term,"darker skinned variety"? Put up or shut up. You and Muddy are Townhall jerks. Period.
MudontheTires states,"darker skinned variety" Our current moderrn society would never use a phrase such as yours. Your hatred shines forth Muddy.
Chain of command. Ignoring reality. Picking and choosing your team.
MudontheTires is on the battlefield The current scene:Muddy has to choose between a redneck of a darker skinned variety and lilly white prog. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Tranlation:Judges a persons' charactor and conduct by the color of their skin.
MudontheTires states,"True. But when I was in the Army I met of few Red Necks of the darker skinned variety. And I'd rather have them on my 6 in a fight then any lilly-white prog." .......... The mind of a Conservative former soldier that judges a person by their color.
Continue your usual Townhall ideological circle jerk.
MudontheTires, you are a pathetic ideological Townhall hack. No wonder you are a single bachelor! No woman would want an arrogant ideological jerk such as you. Wait for it! Wait for it! GFY POS Commie! You are so predictable. What a bore!
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