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Harry Reid: Hey, Let's Ditch the Filibuster

beddy Wrote: May 12, 2012 12:16 PM
I've got a better idea.... LETS DITCH HARRY GREID and any other clown whose been around that long .And clip those pensions ,clearly they've been grabbing enough loot by now.This is the only career where seniority is not a good thing .OUT YOU GO.

He's bitter, you see, because Republicans want to pay for the student loan interest rate fix (the very need for which is Democrats' own doing) with spending offsets, rather than his party's tax-hike-and-raid-Medicare scheme. Couple that frustration with Sen. Jon Kyl's irritating insistence on offering amendments to another bill, and Reid appeared ready to go nuclear:


"If there were ever anything that needed changing in this body,...