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I agree except it goes way beyond President Obama and the present Congress. This has been building, inch by inch, since the 1930s. Progresivism has been pushing to gain each inch of power gained by the Federal government. The only real answer is to give the balance back to the States. Every school child is taught the horizontal balance of power in the US (Executive, congress, and judicial) but they leave out the vertical (and much more important to the founding fathers) is the balance between the feds and the States. See Levin's book the freedom amendments for details of how to get this balance back.
The only question I have about what the cop did was to identify himself as a police officer when working as security for the school district. That aside, the man will be able to walk because he was arrested for the wrong thing. At least while on tape, he never made any aggressive moves towards the officer. He DID refuse to obey a lawful order by a police officer which is illegal, but not assault. It should have been interference with an officer, but of course, this goes back to the question of was this interference with an office in the line of duty, he was off duty and acting as security. Either way I am sure the charges will be dropped as he never assaulted or battered the officer. The officer's action (identifying himself as PD to give the color of authority) when he was working as a private citizen.
Mr Synan put it best: Wow, just wow. Shows just how ignorant the left really is. No one that knows anything about 20th century history would ever chant such a thing.
Has anyone noticed that when the Left is challenged on any issue, their standard (and seemingly only) defense will be one to two child-like proclamations; either "But he/she did it too" or blatant denial. This reminds me of the reactions of a 5 year-old with their hand in a cookie jar. They will not try to explain their action, but instead, deny they made the action. If that does not fly, they will justify their actions by declaring that it is all right since someone else has done it before. If Ms. Maddow felt the $700B cuts were rational and necessary, why wouldn't she say so? Instead it was more of the "But Romney/Ryan did it too" argument. Childish.
We have the first black leader of a largely white, first-world nation. This has never happened before. It is my hope that we can all see why and from where our own prejudices come, try to restrain the urge to act upon them, and offer everyone an equal opportunity.
The final one is less of a cause of racism and more the reason for the continued institutional racism that has existed since the 1960s. This “reverse racism” (with is a ridiculous term, racism exists or it does not) is seen in everything from college racial quotas to political pandering. Anyone who feels that a certain race needs help to succeed is racist. The true racial barriers that existed from our foundation through the 1960s are gone. There is absolutely no reason a person of any race, creed, ethnicity, or gender cannot become anything they want, within the constraints of their personal limitations.
The second instinct is another tool for survival, albeit a mental one. Most racists justify their racism by convincing themselves that everyone else is racist. That way, their form of racism is bred of necessity. This is why so many minority community leaders get away with blatantly racist statements. Sharpton, Jackson, and Representative Waters come to mind.
Racism is a very natural human survival reaction. It comes from several base animal instincts. The first is an over-reaction to previous hazards. Think of it this way. If you went to the zoo and pet four monkeys and three of them stood there and enjoyed the experience, but the fourth took a large chunk out of your hand, you are not very likely to pet monkeys ever again. We are wired to put threats and negative memories at the top of our metal recall. This ensures we avoid potentially bad situations in the future.
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