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Mrs. Obama looks silly with those bangs. All this straightening and long locks - looks stupid on black women, in my humble opinion. She's as ugly inside as her husband is. False concern, pretend smiles, dumb ideas. Nothing but a photo shoot - that's all the Obama's have ever been.
That's the point, dufus. WE want the GOP to go the way of the Whigs. Duh. Since you aren't a conservative, you can't grasp this, but trust me. We know what we are doing here. Just let us take the wheel, please.
It's actually a good thing. Wipe the current GOP out and replace with what people like you fear the most. Conservatives. Sends a chill down your spine, doesn't it. Keep smiling. We are coming. You won't be smiling then, toadie.
So, this large swath of republicans almost did not vote to keep Boehner as speaker? Yes, but they DID keep that loser as speaker, didn't they. They did. What they might have done or thought about doing is not the issue. The issue is what they have done. And, they will pay dearly for all this coulda shoulda woulda garbage. In 2014, I do not see the GOP gaining any ground. In fact, I see them losing the House. They should lose it, yes? What good have they done with it? Just what difference is there between the two parties anymore? Talking tough and thinking about acting is no better than selling out the country right to our faces like the democrats do.
Unfortunately, McConnell has nothing to do with the debt deal. That belongs with his cohort Boehner in the House, who is notorious for shady deals and handshakes behind the scenes. Trust me, people. Boehner and Obama made a "deal" months ago. They are just playing for the cameras and talking tough until the last minute of the last hour of the year - then they announce some grand bargain that completely destroys what is left of the American culture. Remember this - the GOP has had as much fault in the destruction of this country as Obama. When those vultures come around and ask you for your vote again... think about it.
I say we round up liberals, shave their heads bald, and drop them all naked into downtown Cairo. Good luck in the "spring" over there.
And, when was the last time we heard anything about Fast and Furious? Two months? Three months? Funny how that just disappeared. Neither republicans or democrats plan to do anything about it.
I'm sure it took you a lot of deep thought to come up with that response. Educate yourself, please.
Yeah, well the problem is, that many of those people who signed the pledge did so in order to win their seat in close races. They wouldn't even be in Washington had they not signed the pledge. So, they will be cheating their constituents. A liar is a liar no many how many ways you try to dress them up.
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Let Obama be Obama

Becka Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 8:43 AM
Every American should know what you have written about how Obamacare was written. That was the responsibility of the GOP over the election season. Romney could easily have stated that. So could Gingrich, or Bachmann, or Santorum, or anybody else running. Nobody ever did. If the GOP is not going to publicly educate the American people, then you have to ask yourself why. I shudder to know the answer.
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