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Video: McConnell Rips Reid Over 'Nuclear Option' Threat

Becca in TX Wrote: May 23, 2013 5:07 PM
T172-That's a tough one. Al-awlaki was only an American because he was born while his Yemeni parents were here going to school. When they finished school they went back to Yemen and he mostly grew up there, so he was really only an American in the sense that he was born here (another reason that needs to be changed). He didn't think of himself as an American, though he used it when it suited him. Either way, there was a mountain of evidence that he was involved in planning, recruiting and carrying out terrorist acts against America and Americans. By law, you CAN lose your citizenship because of such actions.

This would be an A-list political story if it weren't buried beneath the avalanche of scandal that's consumed the nation's attention and undermined the president's approval ratings in recent weeks.  We reported on Monday that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is maneuvering to execute the so-called "nuclear option" on filibusters of executive appointments, perhaps as soon as July.  Since the game plan was initially sketched out by a liberal blogger in the Washington Post (who also confirmed that the White House has bestowed its blessing on the power grab), more