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Would this currently not give us more indebted college grads to fight for jobs at fast food restaurants? How about if we addressed the issue of the anti-economic regulations that this administration has introduced, repeal all that and allow the economy to work so college students can once again work their way through college with minimal debt! Go back to your union brothel Mr. Trumka... you are clearly lost when it comes to economics or reality!
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UN to Billionaires: Hand it Over

BeauxV Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 9:28 AM
Are not Billary Clinton and BOzo prominent members of this group? I can see where the UN gets its foolish ideas!
Indeed Mr. Freeman... the Black Panthers would disagree with you on this one! Who represents the black population the most? You or them? I would prefer to choose neither.... How about if you removed your blinders so you could see us all as Americans and all suffering under the mixed race BO.
Not surprising.... This purposeless, misguided group of hate because of its sheer nature will not ever be able to agree on anything except for the fact that they all want what others have worked hard to acquire without having to do the same work themselves!
I think we are all becoming more capable of reading the writing on the wall for most unions in existence now.... Public unions are quite the opposite of what they claim to be for and need to be eradicated. If the non union private sector is allowed to compete in unionized regions these unions will by nature disappear as if given the choice consumers will not support their high cost low quality services and products. A Right To Work is needed nation wide to make America competitive once again.
"Teachers' Union Membership and Political Influence Beginning to Decrease" and the popularity of the party which they have relied so heavily upon to rob the tax payers is as well. The acronym NEA has become synonymous with all that is at fault with the public education system as well as a tool that has been exploited by special interest to indoctrinate America's children to help them become addicted to a life of government dependency. Tim for this nasty monkey to go... R.I.P. NEA!
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Racial Politics Thicker Than Justice

BeauxV Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 3:08 AM
I am seriously starting to develop a negative opinion of black elected officials. It seems to them that color is a higher priority than doing what is right. If they cannot address crimes committed by those of their own color then it is safe to assume that what they do address in regards to crimes committed by those of other colors are biased as well. MLK would roll over in his grave if he knew of the behavior of the black caucus today as they are doing exactly what he fought against.
What is so wrong in allowing people to suffer the consequences of their own actions? If they do not feel the need to strive to acquire health insurance for themselves or their family, why should the rest of us be penalized? Each state can operate at will a charity or free clinic where new potential health care workers can train without liability. If the wait is too long or the services are inadequate then use your own $$$ to get better elsewhere. If we can be made responsible for paying the medical bills for those who do not do so their selves, we can also be made to be responsible for all the other bills they can generate as well. No one works to pay the bills of others.
Unions are nothing more than legalized extortionist. While no government union ought to be tolerated in any fashion, private sectors unions are somewhat different. Business ought to have the final say in if they will utilize a union, what wages / benefits they will pay, what employees they will tolerate and be able to reject the union totally for any reason. Utilities fall under government unions in the fact that they serve the public. NY ought to be able to call anyone to replace the striking workers here and of course fire them.... Unions are not our friends!
Since when has it been that interrupting a narcissistic, know it all bag of hot air considered rude? Every time this man opens his mouth the stock market drops. I'd say putting duct tape over his flapper would be in good order. In regards to the racist issue which is so far out of context of reality, I just have to say consider the source. I would not elevate that group to be considered to be capable of independent thought.
It has become increasingly difficult to find anyone willing to put down money on just about any Democrat in a race today. While many still want their Dem to win it seems that they do not have enough faith to risk any $$$ on the campaign. I've had to change my betting schedule from Bozo to just loosing to loosing 'severely"... It is looking more like he will top Carter in a landslide loss! Any takers?
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