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Clinton Advisers: Boss Supports Tax Cuts Because He's Old and Senile

BeauxV Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 7:02 AM
Now the Dems are calling their most popular mouth piece senile and old! Sweeeeeet! I said this would happen as Bozo's ratings plummet faster than you can say "Economy". Maybe he should consult with Carter on how to survive life as a failed president... Grief counselors are standing by!

Explanations of Bill Clinton's very candid endorsement of the Bush tax cuts and Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital have run rampant. Some have even said he's hoping for a Romney win to pave the way for a Hillary candidacy in 2016. But the former president's aides have a simple, if cold, reason for their boss' remarks: he's too old to hold his tongue.

The genuine explanation, say people close to Clinton, is the same one that usually is the case: He was simply saying what he really thought, but in fuzzy, free-associating language almost guaranteed...