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A Salute to War Dogs

BeauxV Wrote: May 29, 2012 6:58 AM
Our four legged hero's have more sense, dignity and self respect than the current two legged tenant in the White House. Bozo would do himself well to emulate one of these... but then again, you can't teach that old dog anything!


Today, as we remember our fallen military members who valiantly gave their lives to protect our freedom, let’s also commemorate our four-legged force and their handlers that have done the same. Officially, “military working dogs,” these canines have saved countless lives by sniffing out IEDs and weapon caches in Iraq and Afghanistan, and alerting to danger along the way in Vietnam. Since the dogs first entered military service in 1942, they have acted with the same levels of courage, dedication and loyalty as their human counterparts.


Designated as “equipment” by the...