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Progressive/Marxists will justify the means if it achieves their ends. No matter how illegal, immoral or unethical. "What difference does it (the means) make?" Remember, for Progressive/Marxists "the issue" is never the issue. They infiltrate our institutions and each do their part to "fundamentally transform America."
Conservatives still don't seem to get it. There are no such thing as liberals, or Democrats for that matter. The Democrat Party had been thoroughly infiltrated by Progressive/Marxists in 1995. You must view the video “AGENDA: The Grinding Down of America” featuring Idaho Legislator Chris Bowers. Go on line, it’s free.
After reading several studies on the affects of casual marijuana, I have on bit of advice for any state considering legalizing it . Build more psychiatric wards.
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Competition For Thee, But Not for Me

Beau Toxx Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 4:06 PM
Who's talking about sending illegals back?! Just seal the borders and tax all money sent from this country to Mexico. game over. Why can't a guy who made billions of dollars figure something like this out?
he's getting closer, last budget he proposed was rejected 415 - 0, just when has this little, mediocre community organizer ever prepared a budget in his life? Other than being sure to put aside some money each month for his drugs.
105% voted in several Philadelphia precincts, all for Obama. Same in several Ohio precincts, 100% voted for Obama. Not one "defector" or one voting mistake in over 60,000 voters. Both swing states. I call that community organizing!!
Smoke screen! Running for cover.
This guy better get cracking on developing data mining technology applied to the GOP to the ground game or he's talking moving to jets while the Progressive/Marxists are taking rockets to the next level. Eric Schmidt, ex-CEO of Google has started a political consulting form called Clivis with the intact Obama IT team that engineered the revolutionary ground game strategy in politics. He has no idea who's he's dealing with.
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An Unconscionable Silence

Beau Toxx Wrote: Feb 20, 2014 4:05 PM
The American people have become "dumbed down" and distracted as their prison is being built around them. I might note to control behavior, bars and guards are not always necessary. You must view the video “AGENDA: The Grinding Down of America” featuring Idaho Legislator Chris Bowers. All of this fits perfectly into the grand scheme that's been going on for decades. Go on line, it’s free.
Every American should view the video “AGENDA: The Grinding Down of America” featuring Idaho Legislator Chris Bowers. In 1.5 hours one received a comprehensive understand of the bigger picture regarding what's going on in our country. Go on line, it’s free.
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What We Say and How We Say It

Beau Toxx Wrote: Nov 06, 2013 2:23 AM
Everything has shifted left. The Tea Party are the Republicans. The Republicans have become Democrats and the Democrats have become Progressive/Marxists who are criticizing the Tea Party of being extremists. So it has become the Marxists and Marxists Light against the Tea Party creating more polerization in the political discourse than ever before. The Marxists have infiltrated the Democratic party beginning in 1995.
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