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This article would be worthy of comment if it had been penned by any media other than the antique press.
God Bless You, Ted Cruz. I will vote for you.
God Bless, Israel. God Bless Benjamin Netanyahu. And may God show HObama a prompt, expeditious from the ruinous path of his misguided ambition.
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Applauding an Elegant Conservative

beat&path Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 9:18 PM
Thank you, Dr. Carson.
Try this: Everything you just wrote is moronic. Don't you realize that? Ending a statement with 'is' is...ha-ha...not cool. Go back to sleep, grammar dude.
"Christianity Is To Terrorism What Rosie O'Donnell Is To Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition" My GOD, man. How insensitive can you be? How do you live with yourself? THANK YOU!
I fear a government that is powerful enough to prohibit or limit or regulate something that is little more than a 'garden variety' (I like that) political issue. Why is cannabis illegal? Why? I do not want a storm trooper ruining my life if I decide to grow a plant in my yard.
HObama recovery? That's funny.
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