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Whoa: Columbine Survivor Pens Powerful Letter to Obama on Gun Rights

Bear Trax Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 10:52 AM
Young Mr. Todd has hit upon an important point. The government tries to make people dependent, and then dangles taking the support away by accusing the republicans of "wanting to take it away". "Vote for Obama and he will 'take care of you'". I just keep wishing the Sandy Hook principal had some kind of weapon to slow the gunman until help arrived. We're talking 4 minutes. You know there was a teacher that did the same thing at Columbine, and suffered the same results. As soon as Obama and Biden surrender their heavily armed body guards, we'll be able to hear their concern.

The Left routinely ascribes absolute moral authority to grieving victims in furtherance of their political agenda.  Their agitprop is often manipulative and exploitive, but it works.  Appeals to facts and reason aren't enough anymore; persuading the public increasingly requires emotional appeals.  Even if they find it inherently unpalatable, conservatives must promote people whose personal stories offer counter-narratives to liberals' tragic parade of victimhood.  Katie