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Of Course: Unions Are Exempt from Anti-Extortion Laws

Bear Trax Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 9:23 AM
Private sector unions are an obsolete concept, born out of necessity, but now days maintained to extort money from workers so a few fat cats can extort from companies and give to democrats. Public sector unions, on the other hand are a relatively new concept, since the unions don't have to bargain with the people that pay their wages, instead they bargain with elected or appointed bureaucrats who don't pay the wages. We can view the results daily with our schools and our public works.

ModMark wrote: One of the coal plants shut down in Chicago was built ~90 years ago. While upgraded in the 1950's. it still did not meet EPA standards before Obama was elected. These plants were grandfather in when the clean air act was past. These ancient relics should have been converted to natural gas long ago.Do you really want to live next to one of these ancient plants? –in response to Obama Promise Kept: Coal Plants to go Bankrupt with New EPA Carbon Cap

Dear Comrade Mark,

The building was built 90 years ago, but the...

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