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Obama Offers More of the Wrong Medicine on Medicare

Bear Trax Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 10:55 PM
Since Obama has absolutely no experience in any field except politics and dishonest politics at that, we are always in for a "finger in the political wind" style decission. Acording to Alan Simpson, of the Simpson/Bowles commission, there are 7 trillion dollars worth of postponed financial problems waiting for the first of the year to come due. These were postponed to make it easier for Obama to get re-elected, and were bobby traps set for Romney if it went that way. So deal with it.
justme16 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 6:41 AM
Some of those "postponed" decisions are MASSIVE layoffs across the board in most industries associated with defense spending. Defense spending isn't just about funding active military it is the millions of people who earn their livings in companies that support the defense department. My company is already being told to cut back and the cuts are horrific.....estimates are that about 700,000 people stand to lose their jobs..and this doesn't take into account the domino effect as this will impact ALL local businesses in the areas where the major defense contractors exist. GET READY.
The latest fiscal cliff plan from President Obama promised $400 billion in entitlement savings. An analysis by the Washington Post of the likely composition of those "savings" showed that nearly half of those cuts would come from requiring prescription drug rebates in Medicare. That would be a huge mistake for the country's fiscal and physical health.

Americans are living longer lives, and the additional years of retirement are putting a strain on Social Security and Medicare. But raising the retirement age - a bipartisan cost-cutting favorite - is deeply problematic unless Americans are healthy when they reach their mid-60s and...

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