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Is Secession a Good Idea?

Bear Trax Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 9:37 AM
I agree. Acording to the constitution, Obamacare could have only been done with an amendment. But, they passed it under the (catch all) commerce clause. The supreme court rejected that approach. The bootlicker 4 plus CJ Roberts then rewrote the law to be a tax so they could promote the Obama adjenda. Now Obama carries on as a dictator, changing, making and voiding laws at will with 100% impunity. With no working constitution, we may well have seccessions, probably the energy states.

I’m not talking about secession in the United States, where the issue is linked to the ugliness of slavery (though at least Walter Williams can write about the issue without the risk of being accused of closet racism).

But what about Europe? I have a hard time understanding why nations on the other side of the Atlantic should not be allowed to split up if there are fundamental differences between regions. Who can be against the concept of self-determination?

Heck, tiny Liechtenstein explicitly gives villages the right to secede if two-thirds...