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Congressional Liberals: This Fiscal Cliff is Pretty Great, Actually

Bear Trax Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 7:29 PM
The reason so few people see the government doing anything but raise taxes and promise "budget" cuts over ten years, is that's all we've ever seen. Tax increases immediately if not retroactively, and budget cuts later, for the next guy to pay. We haven't even seen a decrease in the rate of acceleration in the growth of the national debt, let along a stable growth, or god forbid the catastrophy of a lower rate of growth in the debt. It's about time to declare "every man for themselves".

No, you aren't dreaming.  This post is a virtual facsimile of the 'fiscal cliff' piece I authored two weeks ago, replete with many of the same discouraging bells and whistles -- Democrats reveling in their leverage advantage, public opinion polls spelling doom for Republicans, and no tangible progress on the actual task at hand.  If that sentence wasn't enough of a morale boost for you, feel free to read on.  Liberals in Congress, led by incoming Senate Budget Committee Chair Patty Murray, are ostentatiously demonstrating an insatiable appetite for fiscal cliff-diving.  Their...