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Good for the Pakistanis. As you may recall, it was Patistani troops who moved in and rescued the survivors of the "Black Hawk Down" incident in Somalia when the co-presidents Clintons were trying to decide how to negotiate their rescue from Adid's warriors.
You made one outstanding point, I want to re-emphasize. 'the fight is against authority,' and the police are the front line of that which is seen as oppression, not the oppression itself.
That happened in Cincinnati some years ago, when the police had a belly full of protesters and race baiters making trouble every time they had to make an involluntary arrest. When police have to track down violent criminals, you bet it's going to be involuntary.
Eric Holder's profession prior to being given the AG job was a criminal defense attorney, the worst possible fit for someone supposedly the nation's top law enforcement officer. Next, we all know what Obama's word is worth, assume the direct opposite of what he says, and you're always right. These hollow statements by the race baiters over these cop murders in New York indicate they just maybe can potentially see for the first time, their reckless retoric coming back to bite them. Cops are modestly paid public servants that put their life on the line every day, arguably as much or more often than combat soldiers in the field of battle. Judging by the lines at the gun stores, a lot of people think this is just the beginning, and I agree, hard times are upon us.
Obama says. Do you really believe anyone believes what Obama says, it alwasy has a political calculation. Obama ridiculed the Cambridge, Mass. cop for questioning the college professor when he was observed prying open a door. Obama sided with Treyvon, Martin, "looks like my son would", when he unsuccessfully beat George Zimmerman's brains out on the sidewalk, issued executive privalege to help cover-up the on going massacre in mexico (and agent Brian Terry) from Fast and Furious. Obama has emense power and is using it to destroy our country. As soon as I can find a 'pro-police rally' I'll be on the streets too.
"Obama says---". Now all we have to do is find someone dumb enough to beiieve it. This agreeing with rioters, or even civil disobediences, has it's price. We've seen Obama picking and choosing which laws he personally wishes to ignore and change, with no consequences. Now we see what that type of example translates into in real life.
It looks like the race bating has taken a new form, and a news flash, "Florida cop gunned down". "What do we wanrt--- " you know the rest. Policing is hard enough as it is, but having the race baiters as well as high lected officials stoking the hatred, is too much. Even if Obama and DeBlasio resign, it's now not enough, they're accessories. But then Obama made himself accessioy to the thousands of Fast and Furious murders in mexico, and nothing happened. We'd all better come together, or this could get much worse.
When you have chanting crowds shouting, "What do we want, dead cops, when do we want it, now" while blocking public access to free movement on public property, you are set up for this very thing. They have thousands of pictures and videos of the chanting protesters. Round them up, charge them, and give them a fair trial for accessory to incite murder, otherwise, we just institutionized this behavior as ligitimate "free speech".
I'll bet we all would go on to the streets if we saw a movement forming to remove Obama for playing games with the laws of our country. These protesters are focused on a theory not the reality of the shootings. They'll tire out just as the "occupy" protesters did.
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Is Liberalism Intellectually Bankrupt?

Bear Trax Wrote: Dec 20, 2014 11:31 AM
Liberalism is like a 'Ponzi Scheme' for governing. Liberalism appeals to the poor's sense of greed; get something for nothing added on to whatever your skill set can generate. These people never realize that they surrender their freedom to accomplish by their own merrits. So many examples of people who were enrolled in "welfare to work" conversion programs attest to how futile they felt until they actually began to see the benefits of self determination.
These protests are directed at government, it's just they can't say it with Obama in charge, so the police are the easy target. If you notice new laws contain thousands of pages of exceptions and special group exemptions, which fosters the idea that if you aren't given special rights and privaleges, you're being discriminated against.
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