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Equality in Discipline

Bear Trax Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 10:46 PM
Ever hear the "no-man" rule. Here it is, "no man can tell another man what to do, man". Try that in an organized workforce, or the military, leave alone a classroom. Obama always lived in this little shelter of a black quotaman, who reguardless of his performance got full cretid, and it's still in effect.
What's great about Obama's open boarders, is it's hurting the naturalized hispanics and especially blacks, which are two of his main supporters. True, Obama isn't running anymore, he can either declare himself el presidente for life, and leave office or face justice for his fellonies against the american and mexican people. Either way, the democrats have to create a trick that fools a couple hundred americans, or face the rath of the american people for Obama's mess. I doubt the american people will be forgiving, even if no democrat runs for election this november.
Just great, these good looking and very smart women on Fox, drive the left nuts. Katie is a future prime time anchor for sure. I sure wish Fox would put on a national network news 1/2 hour and put the other 3 networks out of their misery for good.
Accuse others of exactly what they're guilty of themselves. That's been the democrat's favorite trick for longer than Obama. Since any accusiations will get parroted by the leftist media, 24/7 any response will seem like a cheap 'tit-for-tat'. Learner is in a perfect position, if she get's sacrificed, as I suspect, she will be pardoned by Obama when the sentence is issued or else, she will turn into a whistle blower, with her life threatened and those of her family too.
Support the efforts of 'True the Vote' or get the last free election in US history stolen again in November, followed by the type of response we saw at the Nevada ranch of Mr. Bundy. I vote in every election, but the multiple vote casters have cancelled me our thousands of times over.
This article points out the problem democrats are having, "no bench". No one that isn't already a proven marxist is even running. Kansas is a rural conservative stronghold, in the middle of the bible belt. I hope Sebelius runs, then runs from her and Obama's disasterous record on Obamacare. It's actually funny that the democrats are so desparate for (name recognition) someone to run that a failure would have to do so.
This is precisely how political opposition was handled in Nazi Germany in the 30's. With no opposition that could make a difference, they went nuts between 2009 and 2011 trying to lock up a total dictatorship, but the people revolted in the 2010 midterms. Remember, the Tea Party was a merger between the patriots movement (boearder enforcement) and the Tea Party (tax protests). Just picture what our country will become, if nothing is done about these political crimes.
The sunday talk shown were all over the IRS scandal and never once, not even Chris Wallace, asked, "Who benefitted?' which ought to be the whole point. This action, along with the millions of votes cast by the multiple voters turned the election. I fear people are loosing faith in the election process all together, and won't bother voting when they know one 'gimme' activist can cancel out their vote and the dozens of friends and relatives they might have convinced to vote as well.
Ever notice how the american people are increasingly supportive of our troops? I think it's finally sinking in, that we aren't guarenteed our spot in the world, it has to be earned and protected. Obama is a fitting example of what can happen to a country when we get fat and lazy, and decide that the presidency is just an insignificant job that any imposter can do. We'll eventually benefit from the hard times Obama and his gang of incompetants has brought.
Obama won't be in office forever. When he leaves, there will be tens of thousands of whistle blowers giving incriminating details of how these gestapo tactics put a damper on the news. In a way, Obama is borrowing time at a fast decreasing rate as more and more people realize how "hosed" they got done, and they want revenge for it. It's good that reporters like Attkissen speak-out on the process, she was there and probably has a lot more to share. Calling her names, just another battle in Obama's war on intelligent, independent women.
Watch it! If the europeans want to defend the Ukraine they're close by and handy let them do it. I am tired of fighting everyone's battles for them, and with Obama in charge, just picture another Benghazi or Iraniam embassy or 'Black Hawk Down', times 1000.
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