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Sarah Palin Launches Online Web Channel

Bear Trax Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 7:46 PM
I'm all in for it. We should no longer have to give a disclaimer for the truth because it so conflicts with the government's BS.
We're surely the world's biggest arms merchant. Too bad we're never getting paid for the weapons we give out. It wouldn't surprise me to find North Korea with a bunch of those stolen. If we booby-trapped the guns to blow up the first time they were fired, we'd kill a lot more enemy than we do now.
Well said. We know that democrats will support Obama in impeachment or do without campaign funds in november. Wait until after november, and use the results then, as a key for future actions. If the voters give the republicans a victory, and they do nothing, we'll have president Michelle Obama in 2016.
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

Bear Trax Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 2:46 PM
Almost every sales call I get over the phone any more has one theme, federal sponsered Reverse Mortgage, new federal home loan program, federal assisted health insurance, federal guanenteed this and that. If I did my finances with 60% borrowed or computer generated money, I'd be in debtor's prison, even if there weren't any.
A little harsh, aren't you? Israel will defend themselves, as well as Russia, and Syria. The era of getting the US permission before doing anything ended with Obama's fraud into power.
What we should realize is Hamas is not even a majority group in Gaza. For sure they're more popular than the Israelis, but they tookcontrol of Gaza by fighting and killing Fatah supporters. Israel is seeing to it that Hamas areas take the pounding where-ever possible. Israel basically has Gaza cut off due to Egypt having had a 'belly full of the Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas) and their attacks in the Sini. If Israel doesn't finish the job under these conditions, they're foolish, and six months from now will be facing new threats from more sophisticated (cruise style) missles.
If they won't enforce existing laws, which is a major deriliction of their duty, who's to say that some magical (beans) pieces of paper are going to make any difference? We've fallen into a mode where Obama can't be trusted with the paper-clip tally, yet we are supposed topass new laws rewarding criminals for breaking existing ones. Worse yet, Obama and Holder released 38,000 convicted illegal aliens back onto the streets. It used to be that a felony conviction was a certain ticket out of the country for an illegal alien.
If you wonder what the decent hard working blacks and legally imigrated hispanics think about this, ask them. Those people are at the epicenter of this problem, because it's usually their occupations that the illegals can fill. I'm a carrier tradesman. Even though my experience carries my business, I no longer get commercial paint jobs, only ones done in rich peoples homes where their expensive belongs and my honest reputation prevail.
This debate about sentences has been evolving for decades. Back when those sentenced to 'life' were serving less than 2 years behind bars we had too many repeat offenders, then along came '3 strikes' sentencing for repeat offenders, some said 3 minor offences shouldn't qualify. It seems we need a magic piece of paper that makes everyone happy. Why not restitution camps? Give the inmates a sector of the economy, like trash collection and recycling, and have them run it like a business, earn money for restitutions for their victims and gain the work ethic. Some will work the sorting line, some will work the landfill, others will sell the recycled metal, paper and glass, all would learn what the real world is like, when released they'll be used to a day's work for their keep.
Well said, but isn't the "Family Reunification Act" 35 relatives or those who pay to be called relatives, like uncle Pedro, uncle Jose, uncle Muhammed and cousin Usama?
If you think the 85 to 90% federal subsidies are lining the pockets of the Obamacare enrollees, think again. Those getting the huge subsuidies are not being dumped into medicaid, they're the ones that pay the huge co-pays and deductables. With so many of the people exempt from Obamacare for some loop-hole or another, those co-payers should revolt and not pay, and go back to the emergency room with the uninsured.
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