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Negative campaigning has been taking over the democrats ads lately. The feel the informed voters have made up their mind and now they must flip voters from the opposition to their candidate with viseral hate. The theme here in Texas is, Abbott and Patrick support rape, the democrats oppose rape, vote democrat and vote against rape. Abbott is alleged to have voted against going after a third or fourth party deep pockets conpany paying for the actions of a rapists, because they didn't vet and catch a rapists that had defrauded a franchisee with false background info. Patrick (LT Governor candidate) is alleged to support rape because he opposed spending the states 'rainy day fund' to catch up local rape kit processing . Vote democrat for twisted logic like Obama uses every day, and guarentee every illegal alien felon gets released and given full citizenship.
The one fact that sticks out most is not one administrator in the realm of appointees has ever been fired. The reason is simple, why create another whistle blower, who has accumulated so much evidence just to cover their own (end).?
As long as the majority of the national media remains in Obama's pocket, the approach to whistle blowing has to be discrete. Since any criminal activity can be covered up by Holder in the first place, and pardoned by Obama in the second place, it's better the whistle blowers keep their material ntil Obama is out of office and away from his executive shields.
So the whistle blowers have been accumulating tons of heavily documented criminal activity by senior administration appointees in anticipation of a mass co-ordinated release that Obama and co.will be unable to deny or vilify.
I think the elaborate prison at Guantanamo, Cuba would be a perfect place for illegal alien felons, but Obama and Holder released them back on their victims instead. Go figure.
This is just the latest reason we must separate the Justice Dept from the administration, it can't be used as a political weapon, by either party. Once we loose confidence in the legal process, we are inclined to take the law (as we see it) into our own hands.
No they don't. You'd think the democrats would run out of fraud schemes sooner or later. Most of the "make it easier to vote" plans enacted to increase voter turn out, have been co-opted into portholes for fraud, but remember there are also 'stings' being used in states to nab the over-confident fraudsters.
Very little has been mentioned about the possibility of constitutional amendments becoming popular in the 2014-2016 time frame as a means of bypassing Obama and still causing change. I know Obama can ignore them as well, but when the states, in their respective ways, ratify an amendment, the cost of defying them goes way up.
I wish Obama had promised to legalize 75 million illegal aliens with work permits and scheduled citizenship ceremonies, so his supporters in the black and legal hispanic communities could show their appreciation. Maybe even working women will see their jobs or wages thereatened by the new flood of workers taking their jobs as well.
With all the democrat fraud coming to light, I wonder if the real, live voters even matter anymore? Imaginary voters don't even complain about the conditions that the democrats have caused.
Not unlike your average 3rd grade brat. He doesn't get his way, and he decides to punish yu for with-holding your worship. Sounds like North Korean behavior to me.
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