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The gang of unaccountable yes men (the army of czars) are calling the shots. It seems nothing Obama does gets challenged because he's black. Don't fault me, I'm posting daily and spreading the word. Obama will appoint a black homosexual woman to replace Hagal for sure.
Now everyone in Missouri seems horrified to deploy law enforcement to protect the good citizens for fear that the rioters will be offended. That kind of negligence can bring on mercenaries and vigilante justice which usually results in anarchy and civil war, which appears to suit Obama and Holder just fine.
Holder, and this black woman mentioned as his replacement, are criminal defense attorneys, making a career out of manipulating the law to favor their clients. This is why he always seems to be puting all his resources tward opposing the law and law enforcement. We just must get that position out of the political appointment arena or this country's people will see the law as just a tool of the gestapo to control their political enemies.
That more resembles the hispanics I know. Another thing they don't like, is all the latin american countries sending their criminals up here the continue their carrier of crime in their neighborhoods, not to mention the 38,000 convicts Obama and Holder just released back on their victims. (except the murder victims).
Even more troublesome than the blanket amnesty from Obama tomorrow, are 2 things: 1. The 38,000 convicted illegal alien felons recently cut loose by Obama and Holder back on the streets. Do you think those convicts will go straight this time? 2. Obama just negotiated, again without congress, to give chinese 10 year guest visas. I wonder if they will go home after their 10 years, and who supports them while they're here? A pole in China some 10 years ago showed that 300 million chinese wanted to come here so they could have big families. I wonder how many anchor babies they can grunt out for us during their stay?
Maybe Obama's doing 'term limits' for democrats. Remember Obamacare was passed with the votes of 58 democrats in Dec. 2010, who had already been voted out of office, due to Obamacare
Wha Obama is attempting is to cause chaos amongst the RINO and conservative republicans, causing those who turned out to vote to feel once again, "there's no difference between the parties". The voters tried to punish the democrats for Obamacare, now the voters won't punish the democrats for amnesty because Obama's the only one doing it. Yes, he's that far gone.
The key term here is precidence. Our laws used to work because actions taken for or against someone, must be applicable to everyone under similar but not identical circumstances. Since Obama and Holder just unconditionally released 38,000 illegal aliens that have also been convicted of other felonies, what law do they now have to abide by?
Don't forget the recently arrived, 1.2 million illegals who didn't even try and avoid the authorities because the drug cartels that they paid 5 to 15 thousand to for the train ride, told them they could stay, and they were right.
That's the point, "everybody's doing it, makes it right". Obama's twisted past, an apparent illegal alien himself, is behind a lot of this anti-american stuff.
Did anyone else see the sign carried by the celebrating Keystone protesters, showing chinese in smog wearing surgical masks? Funny, the Obama solution to fossel fuel polution is to force companies to buy carbon credits from Al Gore (who gets them from China) and then go right on burning whatever they want.
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