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Obama is depending on 1000% racial loyality from Ms. Lynch. Our posters think he'll get that from her. Obama has been trying to use unqualified women and blacks for years to try and dampen the opposition to his treasonist polcies. However, if all blacks were in lock step, how do you explain sheriff Clarke and others who do their job, in spite of Obama and Holder? I'd say oppose her, she only risks a 2 year career then she's either finished or becomes a national hero for puting Obama in his place.
What makes the common-core circulum so dangerous is that the text books and national mandated tests (in order to get any of your federal tax dollars) will all concentrate in the political indocturnation that comes with it. You therefore can flunk common core's test even though your SAT would get you accepted at any of the top universities.
Don't forget John Kerry's abandonment of his fellow swift boat crews during the only shooting battle he ever encountered during his (self decorated) military career.
Even the Afgan local people know he willfully went over to the talliban.
Also attests to the 47 million ACORN voter registrations turned up by 'True the Vote'.
Obama never served the country in any capacity. He gives himself full credit though when asked, "I thoought about it".
The political excuse for the Bergdahl fiasco was that Obama was trying to un-do his 'abandonment under fire' (the ultimate capital crime a commander in chief can commit) of the brave soldiers and diplomats at Benghazi, Libya. That sort of treatment of our brave fighting men and women, on behalf of a known deserter and colaberation deserves the gallows.
This is once again boiling down to the rule of law. Bergdahl's fellow soldiers commented many times on Fox News and shows like Hannety, and Rush, that the talliban's tactics changed dramatically after Bergdahl went over to them. We are spot certain he has an Obama pardon in his future, but the military should go through the motions anyway, less Bergdahl's behavior become more acceptable for the last months of the Obama take over.
Probably due to the fact that 12 to 14 soldiers lost their lives trying to retrieve Bergdahl. The worse crime was Obama trying to cleanse the Benghazi abandonment off the record by claiming to have rescued Bergdahl. Capital crimes don't have statues of limitations.
Remember, the Bergdahl was a hasty response to the charge that Obama had ordered the brave soldiers and diplomats at the Benghazi consulate, abandoned under fire. Abandonment under fire is the ultimate crime you can commit as a member or commander of the millitary. Also see: John Kerry, swift boat commander's abandonment under fire of his fellow boat crews.
What about charging the "political officers" that kept promoting Bergdahl while he was co-horting with the talliban. How about charging Obama with complicity in rewarding the talliban commanders for their killing of american soldiers, or charging both with accomplice in the deaths of the 12 to 14 soldiers killed searching for Bergdahl after all his fellow troops claimed he walked away. The real crime will be if this treason doesn't go any farther than Bergdahl himself.
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