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It's all artifical to Obama. He dictates in this country and everyone (the courts and republicans) willingly comply. Worst of all, Obama is an imposter, with the background of an imposter professor, legislator, and senator.
What Obama (the ostrich) ignores is the production of plutinium makes 'dirty bombs' that could render New York or Los Angeles un-inhabitable for 30,000 years. Fission nukes like North Korea has, have a tiny shelf life, they have to be used within days of producing the material. They make no deterence.
Ya, lets return to the standard used against Clarence Thomas or George Bush where the seriousness of the charge is thousands of times more important than the quality of the evidence. We've seen that reversed against Koby Bryant as well. We have to get the attorney general job away from political appointment or our rule of law will get further reduced to voluntary compliance.
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With Friends Like These

Bear Trax Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 5:11 PM
Whic one of ths RINOs didn't claim to be "going to washington to fight for you"? Fight, fight who? Fight, fight, fight? If we needed this total capiulation to Obama's dictates, we'd be voting for them. These traitors thing the world revolves around them in washington. As of this minute, we'd rather have an Obama 3rd term where we expect to be lied to, rather than support RINOs we expected to challenge the treason and unconstitutional policies of Obama.
If Fox would offer a 6:30 PM eastern half hour world and national news program to it's stations, it's all over for the Obama licker media. People will have a choice, conservatives message s will get out, Obama talking points will get challenged, stalls will get followed up, and I'll bet the anchor will be more attractive than the whimps and fossels on the other stations. Time to enter the 21st century Fox.
Right those questions are traps intended to corner the reciepient into contriversal answers.
This mesage that the US must fight everyone's wars for them, is exactly the message Obama gives about the federal government being, "the only thing big enough to handle the problem". We ruined Iraq and Libya by jumping into unintended consequences, and Egypt just wiggled off the hook, with a military coup. Obama and co. aren't capable of sustaining a fight against anyone, and have partnered up with Iran (the shites) against Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and the Emerites. Iran has funded serrogate wars against all of them and I see those countries as becoming increasingly hostile to us.
Perry gets knocked for preferring americans over illegal aliens. He's passed the test of the left many times. I support him.
Sad as it is, the republicans need Obama there doing exactly what he is doing, in order to win. The GOP has no adjenda to turn around the country that spends imaginary money that the federal reserve (a branch of the federal government) borrows from themselves, to fund the skyrocketing bureaucracy. If the conservatives don't rebel, all that pork and waste will fall into the hands of the republican leadership.
Just remember what "True the Vote" went after and found out. Massive voter registration fraud, that turned the 2008 and 2012 elections. They found tens of thousands of addresses, where 6 or more voting age adults were registered and most were 1 and 2 bedroom low rise apartment complexes, vacant lots, and urban area houses.
We've hammered the republicans all day for not stopping Obama's communist take-over. People don't rebel because they don't have a gestapo member at every doorstep. I think if the free states of the US organize a credable secession movement we can avoid a civil war that would make Syria look like a sunday school picnic. Once our economy crashes because the federal reserve bank has handed out too much free money to the wall street fat cats, theyll be no place to run for those elected to protect our country.
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