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And look what all that crony double-dealing has produced. Almost every car produced since the bailout has been reluctantly recalled as defective. Even a union friendly company, Volkswagon couldn't convince the auto-workers in Tennessee to join the union. After the union ruined Saturn, also in Tennessee, who could blame them?
Remember by law, they aren't allowed to smuggle plastic explosives or nuclear dirty bomb making material across the boarder, no no, there's a sign up that says, "no explosives or nuclear material" possible $5,000 fine and loss of Smuggling License.
One thing about the Ryan plan worth noteing, if the republicans win 2 more states whith a republican governor and republican dominated legislature, and such states voted with the new republican house and senate, they could pass constitutional amendments without even a word from Obama except to fuss like a 2 year old. Such amendments could eliminate 7 or 8 cabinet level bureaucracies that only exist to employ friends and relatives of politicans and drain the social security fund. It sure would awaken the public who think both parties only expand government bureaucracy to control the american people and take our hard earned money for the 35 - 40 year study of the sex life of the Tsitsi fly.
All these so called "Dip-Low-Maggots" like Kerry and Moon are competing to find who gets the glory of claiming to have caused the 'piece of paper'. The way I see it, there are a lot of new Hamas homeless for Obama to allow into our country to live off the government.
Maybe Ryan;s case of Potomac Fever has'n got any better. You can pass 856 trillion laws a second of you want, the same two questions will go unanswered.: 1. Who's going to personally choose to abide by them, as is their personal choice to choose.? 2. Who's going to personally choose to enforce them, as is their personal choice to choose.? Obama and Holder LOL?
I just opened this article to see who on earth would bother quoting an Obama lie at this point. Katie, one of the crowd favorites, it must be a slow news day. If Obama's teleprompter, for some reason, printed the truth, both Obama and the audience wouldn't notice.
All we know for sure,is this invasion of our country is no accident. We just can't think like Obama, an illegal alien himself. Even back in 2009, commentators were remarking about how reckless Obama's decisions were back then. Obama needs a crisis, bad enough to cancel elections and declare martial law imposed by his brown shirt bragides. People are getting frustrated, and that's not good. Keep up the pressure on your senators and congressmen, it's an election year and maybe the democrats will not risk another fraud being exposed by the stings being planned in most states.
Why is it that Gov. Perry has to totally disobey the Obama gang to get any security. Texas spends billions of state dollars doing the federal job, while Obama spends billions advertising in latin america ("come one come all"), "drop an anchor baby, get 35 more relatives in with full benefits".
This is shaping up like 1994. Back then the Clinton media was predicting a small gain for Clinton in the house and the senate would be held onto by the democrats. We have to wonder if Obama and co. will risk another massive fraud in an off year election just to have more and more states installing counter-measures in time for 2016?
These immigrants are breaking the laws of the United States. Have you ever heard a micro-syllable from a politican about arresting them? Even if they commit a major felony crime, murder, rape, kidnapping etc, they walk scot free. Obama and Holder just dumped 38,000 convicted illegal alien fellons back on the streets to seek out those who testified against them, for revenge.
I think with sub-sahara africa in constant battle, Obama is setting up to bring in 30 to 40 million black africans in the name of "fairness" . Therefore, the more latinos and muslims admitted the more blacks will have to be let in as well. "We're a wealthy country, we can aford it", Obama
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