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Iran has been sitting back and marveling at how fast the US and Europe have attacked the Suni (Saudi Arabia, Emerites, Qatar and others) serrogate army (ISIS) while leaving their bad boys, (Hezbollah) alone. Israel knows what's going on, ISIS is pushing the Iranian nukes off the front page, and it's getting to be put up or shut up time. We'll see what happens, "after the elections"
Make your first quadrillion, then maybe we talk
This is just another immensly complicated issue that they are trying to solve by a political declaration or teleprompter read. When they were confining the people because of "mental illiness" the criterior were: 1. Available insurance money, 2. difficulty in social settings, 3. Clinical diagnosis. For far to many when the insurance ran out, so did the treatment. The courts saw this and ended involuntary confinment in favor of treatment in the community. Now they're trying to restrict gun ownership, with the wild assumption that that would have prevented, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood (that one was a mental health professional) or Aurora. Wow, now we can "feel" safe, the government has a piece of paper.
Wasn't Mr.Duncan dead in 13 days after first showing symptoms? He was treated at one of the premier hospitals in Dallas, with all the best and most modern equipment and madication. How then is it that Obama can decide that bringing in the 'already sick' will help any political cause (which is his only concern)? This political hack he's nominated to solve the crisis, is the one who headed the Gore recount team that demanded all overseas military absentee ballots be disqualified due to improper postmarks (marked 'free' because that's a privalege granted our fighting men and women). He also tried to get all Buchannon votes switched to Gore because a Texas PR firm claimed the ballot style (butterfly) confused the voters wanting to vote for Gore. Right, this political hack is perfectly qualitfied to politicize the Ebola epidemic.
Every time someone suggests we stay out of Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, we get these jokers that suggest america is going to be totally isolated from the rest of the world, no shipping, no air travel, no mail, no phone or interne. Remember back in the Dirty Harry movie Magnum Force, Harry kept repeating the phrase "Man must know his limitations" Same goes for countries. Mr Duncan brought home that point vividly enough. One traveler, with no symptoms to set off alarms now has passengers and medicl staff across the country scrambling to contain the damage, aand appointing a new bureaucrat and staff isn't going to change that.
The Washington solution, "More bureaucracy" No can anyone name even one accomplishment of even one of Obama's 44 czars in the past? " didn't think so.
This is just the 300,000th time the democrats have tried to blame republicans for exactly what they are guilty of themselves. They try and prey on people's emotions. It has worked, I know a lot of people networrking a turn-out to get the dems for their blind support of Obamacare, Fast and Furious and a lot of lying inbetween.
I thought national guard troops served at the order of the state governors. Has Obama exhausted his supply of regular army pawns? What are they going to do, shoot the Obama (oopse Ebola) virus.
Especially government unions, not so much private sector unions that negotiate their wages. Can you name one politican D or R that has ever publically made that point?
The problem with allowing airline travel to the US from the Ebola hot zones is the vast dispersal of the passengers that could have exposed, and 21 days later where they may have traveled. I think the airlines will impose the ban themselves, because they will incur trillions in lawsuits sponsered by the federal government for taking the advice of the federal government and flying to those countries. It appears only the Dallas health care people care about the spread of Ebola.
The question now is which is easier, cure Ebola or prevent Ebola. We are already seeing how an exposed person, developed the disease, and now hundreds of people are suspected of being exposed. I'll go for the prevention for now, and let the medical community work on the cure. Don't forget we already have a terrible flue like disease outbreak amongst children exposed to illegal aliens who had it before poring in to the country.
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